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Ex battery Rhode Island Reds - Luke, Derbyshire,

We have 4 of these Rhode Island Reds. They're very friendly birds and they lay a LOT of eggs but the quality of the shells and yolks are not as good as some other breeds such as our Swedish Flower Hens. They like to free range around the garden but dig up your plants and flowers in your borders and like to disturb your mulches and barks.

cool - Hurricane,


- Marlene,

I had 3 Rhode Island Red hens I had to get rid of because of aggressiveness. They were great egg layers but not compatible with the rest of my hens. Think I'll stray clear of this breed from now on.

great chicken - Cleo,

I had a rooster when I was raising my chickens as I lived in the country, and if I left the back door open he can looking for me. I could lay my hand on his back and he'd squat to the ground and let me pick him up. Friendly too.

A fabulous chicken - Janet,

I've had a few Rhode Island Reds and have been impressed by each of them. My favorite hen, Chick Chick, would go for walks with me down by the creek. She also liked to sit on the shelf outside my front window and stare inside at me as if to say, I want to be in the big hen house with you! Every day she would come into my garage and lay one beautiful brown egg in a box of rags I kept under my workbench. I think they are a good looking chicken and a lot of fun to have.

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