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Rumpless Araucana (Tufted) Chickens

Rumpless Araucana (Tufted) History

The Rumpless Araucana originates from the Araucia Indians of Northern Chile. There are two distinct breeds; the Rumpless Araucana and the Araucana. Many people confuse the two, due to both laying blue eggs, but they are separate breeds. The Rumpless has no tail or parsons nose and are best known for their facial feathering (tufts), small pea comb and lovely unusual blue eggs. The tufts are unique to the Araucana breed, with the gene being lethal, which means that around 25% of chicks die in the shell before hatching. This gene problem means that they are very difficult to breed from.

Rumpless Araucana (Tufted) Behaviour

Rumpless Araucanas are very timid, shy chickens, but with regular handling, they can become more tame. The hens lay lovely blue eggs even the inside of the shell is coloured which is unusual in itself. They lay well during the winter, but slow down a bit if it is very hot as they don't cope too well with extremes of heat. They go broody very easily which means they stop laying, but make very good mothers. Described as quirky, funny chickens, they have a great character and are fun to watch. They cope well with confinement, provided they have distractions in the run, but are also happy free ranging. The hens weigh around 4 pounds and lay 3-4 beautiful medium blue eggs per week. The cocks weigh 5 pounds and can be aggressive during the mating season like many males.

Rumpless Araucana (Tufted) Varieties

Lavender, black/red, blue silver duckwing, blue/red, golden duckwing, black, white, cuckoo. The chickens are also available as a miniature; the cocks weighing in at around 1.6 pounds and the hens slightly lighter at 1.4-5 pounds.

Rumpless Araucana (Tufted) Status

Fairly common

Rumpless Araucana (Tufted) Pictures

Green eggs from Rumpless Araucana
White Lightning  Rumpless Arucana Rooster
Peanut the rooster

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