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Taiwan Chickens

Beautiful taiwan rooster walking Pair of taiwan chickens

Taiwan History

The Taiwan is a very large bird of the jungle fowl type, with long legs and a powerful build. It is sometimes known as the Taiwan Shamo, but it is not a Japanese breed, only the look of the bird is similar. It was bred for use in cock fighting and is a strong, agile, tall bird, which carries itself on thick, meaty legs. Males can reach 15 pounds and stand 3 foot tall! Hens can reach 12 pounds!

Taiwan Behaviour

Like many of the fighting breeds, Taiwans can have a bit of an attitude! Males can be very aggressive, especially during the mating season. If handled very regularly, they can become tamer, but be wary; as with all males, it really does depend on the individual. Being such large birds, they were also bred for meat, but at the expense of egg laying capabilities. Hens will lay around 100 tinted eggs per year, but due to their size are clumsy mothers and don't go broody that's often. With their large frames, sparse chest feathering and muscular breast area, eggs are often broken. A large free range area is advisable due to the sheer size of the Taiwan and it is best to keep them with similar muscular type breeds to prevent bullying.

Taiwan Varieties

Red/Black (wheaten) is the most common, White, Spangled.

Taiwan Status


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