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Turken (Naked Neck) Chickens

Turken (Naked Neck) History

This quirky bird is not the cross of a turkey and chicken, but is actually 100% a chicken! Also known as “Naked Necks”, these birds have an elusive history. Their exact place of origin is uncertain, but it’s thought to be in Europe, Hungary, and Romania. For a time they were known as a Transylvanian chicken, but their breeding was refined in Germany in the late 1800s.

Turken (Naked Neck) Behaviour

Turkens are known for their friendly and docile nature. Hens are known to go broody and to be great mothers. Naked Necks vary in egg production, with the average hen laying between 100-170 eggs per year. They are heat and cold-tolerant, but their lack of neck feathers makes them susceptible to particularly frigid temperatures.

Turken (Naked Neck) Varieties

All Turkens have no feathers on their neck, and sparse feathering on their chest. Recognized colors include: white, black, buff, and red. Mature birds weigh around 6 pounds or more.

Turken (Naked Neck) Status

Fairly Common

Turken (Naked Neck) Pictures

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