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Not very friendly - Sheldon,

Not very friendly but lay lots of eggs

Fabulous Welsummers - Ralph,

When we got our mixed flock 7 years ago no one could have told me that one of the two welsummer hens would last until only five weeks ago. She was a great great grandmother before she went and most of my flock have a little of her in them. She laid steadily for three years, 5 out of 7 days, with a winter break, then had a year off and then laid again for about 6 months before stopping. She raised chicks 4 times and on the fifth try she gave up halfway through. It had been the second time in a season so I can't blame her. The last 18 months I reckon she had earned just being able to enjoy life without responsibility. Unfortunately she must have eaten something bad because she became very poorly with mucky vent feathers. She bucked up for a couple days but I wasn't surprised to find her stiffened in the straw just before Christmas.

Good layer, no problem bird - Sarah,

I added a welsummer bantam to my small flock about 6 months ago. I was a bit wary as I thought she would be more agressive and stand offish than the others (pekins with a shy RIR). But she is very sweet and shy, a good layer of (for her size) large brown eggs. She is not as tame as the others and the hardest to cacth, but no a good forager and sweet tempered. I would get another.

Nice chicken for a small flock, not too people oriented - Erica,

We bought 5 chickens last spring, 1 silverlaced wyandotte, 2 golden sexlinks, and 2 welsummers. 1 gsl died after a couole month for lack of thriving. The other gsl was taken by a raccoon 2 weeks ago. She was our friendliest bird. So we have Peep, our slw and 2 Welsummers, Coco and Cute Chicken, left. They are both good layers, one egg every 1 to 2 days. Seems more like every day though! Their eggs are very dark brown, sometimes speckled! Our wyandotte seems to be more people friendly than our welsummers. The cats even get along with the birds. The welsummers really don't like to be held or even touched most times. One more so than the other. I think Coco, our more anti social bird, may even be showing signs of broodiness. Also these 2 girls will have crow offs with each other. It is so funny! They can get pretty loud. Our wyandotte is much quieter, her noises are like sweet soft coos compared to our welsummers. I'm glad we have all of them. They are all good birds. I personally don't think the welsummer hens are as pretty as some other chickens but in the sunlight their feathers show some green too.

Gorgeous birds and great producers - Ralph,

I came across Welsummers about 5-6 years ago when I bought 2 each of three different breeds, Welsummer, Australorp and Barnevelder. One Welsummer became crop-bound very early on and died, but the other outlasted the rest and is still going strong. She has great grandchildren now. In 2014/15 she didn't lay at all but has started producing again and is now the favourite of the current rooster. Her eggs are paler than breed standard but have a beautiful even speckle. She also brooded 4 clutches successfully in her early years and so have some of her daughters and grand daughters so the reviews that say they are not good mothers make no sense to me. Almost no broken eggs in their clutching broody time and whilst not as attentive as a Dorking mother, no particular complaints. I also find they calm quickly after being picked up and held gently and closely and spoken to nicely. A lightish bird but not scrappy. Love em.

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