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Yakido Chickens

Yakido History

The Yakido variety originates from the village of Yakido in Japan around 1850 and was bred for use as a sparring partner to train larger breeds for cock fighting. The Yakido would never win the fight but would boost confidence in the other bird. It is classed as a true bantam as it has no larger counter part, but is similar to the larger Shamo type birds. It has a bright red small pea comb (small so it wasn't easily damaged in the fights) and yellow legs.

Yakido Behaviour

The Yakido is a sturdy, self assured breed that copes well with confinement as well as suited to free ranging. It is quite a hardy breed and will tolerate colder climates. As with other Japanese fighting breeds, males can and will fight given half a chance, so best to only keep one male, unless you intend to breed them. The hens lay cream/white eggs, but rarely and if the hen does go broody eggs can get broken due to their muscular build. Males have been known to attack humans, but this is possibly down to poor handling; a tame bird shouldn't.

Cocks weigh in the region of 6 pounds and hens 5 pounds. Large birds considering they are classed as bantams.

Yakido Varieties

Varieties - black (beetle green sheen)

Yakido Status


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