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Yamato Gunkei Chickens

Yamato Gunkei History

The Yamato Gunkei is the largest of the small Shamo breeds and originates from Japan. 'Gunkei' is a different way of translating the Japanese characters for 'Shamo', hence the different name. It has a rather large frame and chunky legs with a prawn shaped tail. The wings are held away from the body at the shoulders. The most striking feature of the breed is the over developed, pendulous dewlap (throat) with very wrinkled skin. The skin becomes more wrinkled, and some say grotesque, with age. Plumage is hard, but sparse with patches at the throat, vent and keel, revealing bare red skin. Breeding stock and eggs are closely guarded in Japan, which could be one of the reason why the breed is so rare. It is very difficult to get hold of these birds; they are many 'fake' Gunkei available, but true Yamato Gunkei are very rare.

Yamato Gunkei Behaviour

Yamato Gunkei are said to be very easy to tame and adapt quickly to new surroundings. The hens do go broody but don't sit very well as their muscular bodies aren't well adapted to sitting and incubating eggs. White/tinted eggs are few and far between, so not the best choice if you need eggs, but they do make a friendly, if unusual, addition to a back garden flock. They make excellent foragers, but also cope well when confined.

Yamato Gunkei Varieties

Black/Red, Black, Red, White, Wheaten.

Yamato Gunkei Status


Yamato Gunkei Pictures

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