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App and Ann - Lexie,

Last spring, I purchased 5 Appenzeller chicks and 5 Ancona chicks. Only 2 died, along with 1 of the Anconas. When they grew up, I sold 2 more, and named the remaining roo App. He is a handsome roo, with beautiful rust colored feathers. (he is a Barthuhner, not a Spitzhauben). He is friendly, compared to most roos, and rarely tries to attack me. This breed is hardy, but, once again, 2 of the Appenzellers died. Their egg production is good. I know this because it took quite a while to sell one of the Appenzellers, because she was a hen and everyone wanted a roo. Like Ann, my Ancona hen, App is always stealing our veggies from the garden, leaving us with less fresh produce. Nonetheless, I say that this is a very good breed of chicken to have.

Lovely and lively, but not good for pets - Tobias, Lancashire,

These hens are very flighty, and get bored easily; i have already had a problem with egg eating. However, i get two eggs a day from a trio. They look very good, and certainly impress most people. They can stick up themselves, and both the hens and the cockerel try to fight my bro's legbar cockerel if it comes anywere near. The cock attacks me if i get between the hens and him. They are all easily disturbed and you have a job to get near them without being found out. Not ideal for gardens in that they can scrape up anything. However, they hate enclosure.

attractive vocal chicken - Krista,

Everybody who meets her (Lilli) loves her, she roams around the garden with her pal (Jess) who is a fresian looking for slugs, worms etc... she is fairly tame but dislikes being handled. Lilli is a very vocal girl and is always on the look out for danger and boy do we hear about it if she percieves any, real or imagined, our hens roam around our garden and have never attempted to leave although both fly extremely well, Would recommend this breed for adults and older children but not as a cuddly pet. Lilli came into lay at seven months and lays six days out of seven, she likes to let us and everyone within a two mile radius know when she has laid! Wouldnt be without either of our hens they give us hours of pleasure just watching their antics, .

Excellent Layers and Beautiful Birds - Caitlin,

We've found them to be just as good as our Warrens. They're very pretty and full of character. We've just got 10 hatching eggs from a breeder with the citron and chamois gene so hoping for a variety of chicks in a few weeks.

Much better layers and much friendlier than expected - Ruth, Denbighshire,

My 2 Appenzellers came into lay at the beginning of January and have given me a perfect tiny white egg almost every day since. They are more tolerant of being handled than my Orpingtons who were raised by the same broody mum, who wouldn't let us near them as chicks. As mentioned by another reviewer, they are not keen on nestboxes, preferring the middle of a large holly bush at the moment!

Appenzellers - Sue,

Absolutely stunning to look at! Flighty, though last lot of growers are much friendlier. Have kept these for quite a while now, have got Silver Spangled & Blue, Comment on previous posters note re Bantam Appenzellers. These were only brought into this country last year & there are only a small handful of people who have these NON standardised rare bantams- so they are not readily available despite the previous poster saying they are. They are few & far between, and as far as I am aware only available in Silver Spangled.

Beautiful Birds - Rochelle,

Ordering day old chicks and raising them was easy. These hens will lay, sit and raise hardy chicks. They are aggressive when nesting. Roosters are hardy and are also very aggressive/territorial with each other and any other birds. I love the feathers and patterns on the Silver Spangled variety.

Beautiful pet - Zak,

Dot is my silver appenzeller and she is a great chicken. She is stunning but very low maintenance. She is such a character being the most intelligent out of all my chickens. She will follow me into the store room where I will give her treats, she will secretly eat them and walk out as if nothing happened! I do this because she's the smallest and throws a strop if the others eat her share. She is a good flier and will fly onto my arm like a parrot although she has stayed behind my 5 feet fence so far. She is so friendly and always jumps on my lap and tolerates me stroking her and her hair! She lays 5/6 lovely little White eggs a week and she doesn't like the nestboxes resulting in about six different nest places in the garden. It is fun to egg hunt although one of her favourite places is under a very spiky bush! I would recommend this chicken to anyone including beginners wanting a beautiful, productive, low maintenance pet.

- Charlie,

Unusual birds but rather independant, though can be tamed. They are very active & like to free range. Mine are Gold Spangled. Really good layers of medium - small white eggs. Good range of colours available in large fowl & bantam.

Beautiful birds!! - Jessie-Jay,

We hatched our Gold spangled appenzeller spitzhauben from eggs in an incubater, and they have known us all their life, so thats probably why they are more friendly to humans than other hens. Our hens are genuinley beautiful too, their feathers are lovely! They actually live in our garden (which is quite big) and prefer to sleep in the TREES instead of their warm bed, however they have never gone missing. They have only just started laying small, white eggs, which we have not yet tasted. One of our hens went broody, at a very young age!, sitting on lots of unfertilised eggs, she refused to leave them, not even for food. Thankfully, she's back to normal now, not sure what made her change her mind!

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