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- Naing,

- Susan,

For real? - The,

I've had Rhode Island reds and plymouth rocks before. Then one day my parents casually brought this mysterious breed. I didn't find their breed until recently. I'm surprised to hear that they are poor egg layers and rare. I usually get an egg every 1-3 days. Also, are they THAT tame, the rooster I have is a mean one.

- Shahzaib,

not for the novice of chicken breeders - Assassin,

Asils are not very good layers but make excellent protective mothers a good Asils hen will protect her chicks to the death these birds should be kept in pairs or trios if you have these birds make sure they are out of site from other people gypsies will trespass to steal these birds as they are very expensive and they will use the males for cockrel fighting

Great for pets, shows - Jawine,

Asil are bad layers no question about it as most hens lay just enough eggs for reproduction. And they like to demolish your plants too. However they are naturally tame and intelligent as they were originally a game breed, and therefore were bred to be handled by trainers. If you are looking for a pet breed that is tame and intelligent or want to show birds, these are a great choice. They don't eat a great deal of food as cocks as max 6 lbs. Remember that the cocks fight, so a cock and 2 hens is best to keep. Generally they are OK with other chicks but it depends on the line so always ask the owner, as some lines you can only keep one cock and one hen together! Summary: Great for pets, shows and people that want fowl with a long history