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Barbu d'Everberg Chickens

Barbu d'Everberg History

The Barbu d'Everberg is a true bearded bantam, having no larger counterpart. It was developed in 1906 in Everberg, Belgium by Robert Pauwels in his castle. The Barbu d'Everberg is identical to the Barbu d'Uccle, but is rumpless. It has no tail feathers or parsons nose, making it a more unusual looking chicken, with it's rounded bottom. It has very feathery legs and a single comb.

Barbu d'Everberg Behaviour

The Barbu d'Everberg is well adapted to confinement and copes well with a secure run as long as it has something to scratch around in. Due to their feathery legs, it is best to keep them in a covered chicken run to prevent the leg feathers becoming matted. It is a very friendly bird, with a wonderful calm nature. They are easily tamed and good birds for children due to their small size and easy going nature. The hens lay small white eggs and do go broody easily. They make make very good mothers and are dedicated to their chicks. They don't lay very well, so best kept as a pet.

The cocks weigh around 850g, with the hens much smaller at 650g. Males can be aggressive during the mating season, so only keep one if you are intending to breed from them. Quite a good bird for showing as it is very calm and easily handled. It is becoming more popular on the show circuit, but still classed as quite rare. Like many of the rare Belgian bantams, d'Everberg numbers are slowly increasing as they make a good addition to the back garden flock.

Barbu d'Everberg Varieties

Mille Fleur, Mottled, Black, White, Cuckoo, Black/Red, Lavender, Porcelain.

Barbu d'Everberg Status


Barbu d'Everberg Pictures

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