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Barbu d'Uccle Chickens

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Barbu d'Uccle History

The Barbu d'Uccle bantam is a true bantam, with no large counterpart it was developed by Michael van Gelder in the 1890's in Uccle on the outskirts of Brussels. He cross bred the Antwerp Belgian with a Dutch booted bantam (Sabelpoot) to produce the Barbu d'Uccle. The breed is similar to the Barbu d'Anvers but has a single comb and feathery legs.

Barbu d'Uccle Behaviour

Barbu d'Uccles are generally very friendly birds which cope well with confinement. They tend not to wander off too far, so are suitable for smaller gardens. A good bantam for children due to their size and incredibly good nature. They quickly become very tame and seem to enjoy interaction with people. Due to their feathery legs, it is advisable to keep them in a covered chicken run to prevent the feet/feathers becoming matted. Females are good mothers and go broody very easily, in fact they are best known for their broodiness. Therefore egg laying isn't their strongest asset! When they do lay, the eggs are small, white/cream weighing around 30g. The males can be aggressive during the mating season, so only keep a male if you intend breeding these charming little chickens. The breed is often called the Mille Fleur, or Mille for short, as this seems to be the most popular colour combination.

Cocks weigh around 700g, hens 620g

Barbu d'Uccle Varieties

Mille Fleur, porcelain, black/buff, mottled. Blue Fleur, blue mottled, buff columbian, brown/red, white, black, red, blue, Columbian, lavender, lemon-splash, golden neck.

Barbu d'Uccle Status


Barbu d'Uccle Pictures

Barbu d'uccle named ''Harrold''
Black mottled
Black mottled
Silver Mille fleur
Silver Mille fleur

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Fab little guys - Edwina,

We love these guys. Hatched them myself from bought eggs. They are really friendly. Lay well in the spring and summer. Great to have around the garden.

- Ryan,


Daisy and rocky! - Martin, Co Durham,

I hatched two eggs from castle hills poultry a couple of years ago. Daisy and rocky (both girls!) are great chickens and are both really tame. They lay little whir eggs nearly everyday. Watch out for the feathery feet, the can get clogged up with soil from time to time.