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- Carwyn,

Just learning about the breed - Jaime,

I got 5 blue Langshan from Tractor Supply. 2 roosters and 3 hens. They are awesome. Laying now. Huge eggs. I ordered an incubator . I want to promote and help promote the breed in Kansas.

A Wonderful chicken to own - Satrfire,

they get quite large, thier super friendly, and great mothers for chickies, they lay brown eggs , and easy keepers, they are super friendly to new chickies , harty growers, and disease free, love these birds best ever

little Jim - James,

Amazing love them should buy them

White Croad Langshan - Teresa,

My White Croad Langshan is laying purple eggs!! They are unlike anything I have seen. She came from a hatchery in Ohio. Looking for the Cockral to breed my own. I have seen some lay plum colored eggs and some laying brown eggs. Mine are lilac/purple colored. My hen is one of the best hens I have ever owned in 43yrs.

Black Langshan - George,

I have three of these birds in my flock. There are Buff Orps, Red Stars, Australorps and recently added young Jersey Giants. The Langshans are unique in that they are top of the pecking order but not mean to the other chickens. Like if a Red Star exerts dominance over a buff it will chase that chicken across the pen and throw in an extra peck for good measure. The Langshans will sometimes peck at any other chicken that is competing for some food it wants but never in a mean way. Just a peck to make the other chicken get in line then goes about its business. This to me is an important distinction and reflects the good quality of the bird. It is also the only hens I have ever seen face off against one another in a lengthy stare down where they stand really tall and look each other right in the eye like a dare and can be slightly scary when they do this (only seen it once) They can fly to the top of a four foot fence with no problem only a few of the buff orps can do this and none of the other breeds are this flight capable that I have seen. For very tall large heavy LF birds the ability to just jump and flap their wings to four foot height is impressive in my opinion. Demonstrates the power and overall athletic agility of the breed.

Beautiful, bright and friendly birds. - Valerie, Surrey,

I have two black Croad Langshans, Inky and Suki, they are totally beautiful and huge, great to have around. Gentle, well mannered ladies with great dignity, and I think very intelligent as well. They actually make play onslaughts at the Pekins, who now totally ignore them - I think they do it for the fun of making the bantams squawk and run..

a nice garden bird - Phil,

I have one hen. She is wonderful to look at with her black feathers that have a green sheen in the sun. When we first got her homever she did get picked on by the brahmas we keep her with but she soon worked out that going high is useful. Cant relay comment on eggs at the moment because shes still a young hen.

fab birds - Lynne,

I had a croad hen called Mrs peck for years, she would follow me around when I was gardening and snatch and worms etc, dug up, she loved being picked up and stroked, and was a wonderful layer, They are friendly, good looking bu=irdds but will make a mess of your garden if loose. Get some!!

excellent - Sharon, Somerset,

Such lovely friendly birds. If you handle them from day 1, they are your 'best mate' even the cockeral. I call mine they come runniing to me. So glad I was introduced to this breed!

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