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GoodBird - Michael,

I have one by accident in the west of Ireland, lovely bird, shy, does not like to be picked up but fine once held correctly. Roams on 5 acres, a real gentleman flies away from the fox to the highest branch he can land on. Needless to say he does not lay eggs but the questionare forces one to fill all the fields

great egg producers - Louise, Derbyshire,

Would agree with previous reviewer that these birds are not suitable for keeping in a small run. Ours are in a large netted enclosure however in a field and seem perfectly happy, so completely free-range not essential. Absolutely brillant egg producers - far better than the light sussex, warrens and cream legbars we also have. Intelligent birds who are extremely attractive to look at and a rare breed.

Good free range bird - Tony,

Derbyshire red caps are first rate free range birds, very hardy, good layers and good to look at. The eggs are white medium in size and with a rich flavour. They prefer to range freely not confined to a small space so not the best breed for a garden situation. So to sum up not a breed for owners who have limited space but an ideal breed.for people with room to spare.