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Old Dutch Bantam Cockerel - Celia, Isle of Wight,

I have a trio of Old Dutch Bantams and one young cockerel who we hatched in an incubator. He loves human company, comes running to see us and jumps up on an arm and pecks on the conservatory door to be let in. Ideally he would like his own hens and I am currently looking to buy two to keep him company.

i love dutch bantams - Kaden,

they are so freindly

- An Omleteer,

I have kept four silver partridge Dutch Bantams for almost a year. I have one cockerel and three hens. They are very small, meaning that they haven’t dug up my garden and at the same time, I find that they consume far less food. All three hens went broody in the summer. I let one of them hatch out some chicks, which was amazing and when they grew up I found that they were sold (even the boys) very easily. Even though the eggs are small, I think that they taste so much better than other chicken eggs and I find that the egg yolks seem to be bigger when compared to the white than that of other chicken eggs. Being small, the male doesnt make too much noise, however they are quite keen on flying, so I would recommend keeping them in a covered run in order to keep them where they are meant to be! They don’t need much space, although they certainly like it. From three hens I got about 9 eggs a week in the spring and summer - not as good as other breeds but still plenty. An all round brilliant breed of chicken, with distinct personalities and beautiful characteristics!

- Ryan,


Gorgeously handsome friendly birds - Elspeth,

I purchased some Serama eggs from eBay and only one of them hatched, later I discovered that it wasn't a Serama at all but a Dutch Bantam cockerel. Surprisingly I wasn't at all disappointed as the cockerel is a stunner, he lives with serama and modern game hens and is the friendliest nicest rooster I've ever had the pleasure to own. It's a breed I knew nothing of but will now be pursuing!

brilliant fertile rate - Arnie, Lancashire,

I have just got 7 silver duck wing Dutch bantam eggs from my friend and I have put them in the incubator, I have just candled them and 6 out of 7 have got something in. Awesome

very lovely bantams - Carlton,

These are lovely chickens to have pecking around your garden. Ideal for small or large gardens. They lay an egg a day each. Very pleased with this breed.

golden dutch - Joe,

the golden dutch chicks are no bigger than a pidgin and lay eggs every over day and love to be out side in the garden , golden dutch chicks can fly but only short distance.

Noel, Poole, 13/06/11 - Noel,

I have a pair of gold partridge which have just had one chick andI fully intend to increase the flock. I let them roam freely around the garden where they seem to thrive. They seem to have sorted out the problem with snails eating all my plants and they never damage anything. They are very friendly and always cluck around as I tend the garden, great characters with lots of personality. Extremely easy pets to care for and inexpensive too. If living in close proximity to neighbours who may not appreciate early morning fanfare avoid having a cockerel as they tend to be quite vocal, (personally I enjoy it !)..P.S. The chicks are adorable !

Must have! - Rosa,

I have a pair of dutch bantams they are a must have, cute, friendly and lay small but very tasty eggs! They are garden friendly and squeak not cluck. Recently the female had been sitting on 6 eggs after approximately 20 days one hatched, surprisingly because i'm not experienced being only my second hatching. With only one of them hatching I was quite disappointed I suspected that the rest was not fertilised. The male is very protective and the hen a very good mother. The chick is very small and very confident I am not sure what gender it is yet but I am sure he\she would not mind being called may. Love this pair!

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