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battery hens -

we started off with 6 ex bats toand got hooked.! we started to get posh girls to get abit of variety. we curently have a flock of 70. but i can honestly say that the ex bats are FAB! they are the most loveable girls and sometimes you get a special girl who is so tame and loving its very special. would definately reccomend ex bats.


Excellent layer of eggs

I love my girls! -

We brought home 6 ex bats a few weeks ago and they have made us very happy. We tend to get 4 or 5 eggs a day. They are very funny, friendly and all have their own characters. They look pretty bald & a wee bit sorry for themselves but every day that passes they grow new feathers. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

diamond in ruffles -

These birds have what it takes to survive. though not the beauties of the bird world, they are allways garenteed hens and can lay so many eggs that four will have you over flowing with eggs. And with proper care can be easily shown, at a 4-H competion. They are very friendly so are good for a first time raise, even young children will love raising Ex-battery birds.

I love my ex-bats -

I have only been keeping chickens for a few months now and originally bought 3xPOL hens (a bluebell, a light sussex and a black rock) as well as 2looks year old hens (a warren sussex mix and a silkie). Shortly after I got 2 ex bats called Scrappy and Eveready. After a week of having 2b coaxed out of the coop they joined the flock and now love being outside. They were adoing mess atn first buttime after 3weeks they look great. They are my most friendly hens and will perch on me and fall asleep on me whereas my others would only hop on my lap for a tasty treat. They are so full of character and follow me round all the time. They even ganged up and robbed me of my potato salad n rib bones when we had a bbq. They lay daily bar a few exceptions and eggs are of a good size and quality. Id definitely recommend them if you want a friendly cheeky pet that makes you breakfast!

gghb -

i have ex batrey chickings and they are lovely

Chickens only have one life, lets make it a good one! -

I have had several batches of recue hens over the years and they always look a sorry sight to begin with, given 2 to 6 months you will be amazed at the difference. I have had some timid ones and some darn right bolshy ones but all have amusing characters. They will be the ones who suss out how to escape and where the food comes from. They will follow you around in the hopes of tripping you over to gain any food you might be holding! If you are digging over your beds or veggie patch, they are not adverse to allowing you to forrage for the much prized worms and then stealing them from under you! They only downsides I have found is that they do seem to suffer more with health issues and can often die very suddenly and their egg shells are often misshapen or thin (contents are just as good as any other egg from any other breed). So long as you are prepared for this, it is well worth giving homes to hens that would otherwise see the end of the road having not had a great journey.

Cheeky ladies -

I started off with 3 ex batts but found after 6 months their egg production tailed off to nothing. Not that it mattered too much, they were there to enjoy retirement, so I bought 3 more from a breeder to provide eggs. The ex batts were feisty little things always up to mischief. After just over a year I had to have one pts as she developed a neurological condition. A few weeks later, I lost a second to natural causes. Fast forward 5 months and I got 4 more ex batts. Tragically lost one after just 8 days, but the others blossomed. Egg production has been excellent, their individual characters have been a joy to watch develop as was watching them learn to scratch and sunbathe. 3 years on, I still have one of my original girls, long past laying, but still full of life. The others have developed a cheeky streak, chasing my cats and dog and trying to come into the house. The garden would seem so empty and quiet without them.

A "Must Do" -

I've lost count of the number I've had now but it must be upwards of thirty over the last few years and they are so funny. It does you good to see them look at the sky for the first time and learn to scratch and be real hens - you can't beat it with a stick! However they don't live as long as other hens, I find they tend to keel over at about three of four years of age. But I am sure they would say it was good while it lasted!!


i adopted three battery girls from fresh start for hens unfortunately a year later i only have one left but i would do it again they arrive really threadbare and anaemic looking but turn into the most beautiful chickens that are forever grateful for there freedom its something that i am so glad i done x the eggs are also delicious x

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