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I am in love with my girls! -

A bit more than a year ago we re-homed 3 girls. They are lovely, chatty and always follow us around the garden wherever we go!!! Lovely company when we are having dinner or a cup of coffee outside. Love to sunbath and are a little spark in our daily life. We love them to bits!

Great Chickens - An Omleteer,

Our ex-batts are coming on well, last week the majority of them were bare. But now 2/5 of them are nearly full feather we are now letting them out with our dogs and they don't care about them, a part from one. Overall, i would also give them a chance, they need a few weeks until you don't need to go outside to get them in their home, because they will learn.

God love my girls! -

I have 4 banty hens and 1 Stuart(cock). I decided to get 2 ex bats or barn hens, I ended up with 6 and they are the best hens. So friendly and nosy and noisy, they sing to me when I go into feed them and 1 has decided that she is a banty so lives in the other hut! Give these girls a chance they may not be the fanciest, full feathered birds in the world, but neither am I !

Inquisitive & full of character -

Were on our 5th batch so far and i have to say i wouldn't be without them. By far the most nosy of my hens and rather mischievous little imps. Lay like mad for the first couple of years, then tail off. Deeply rewarding to keep. Would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.


These chickens might look a bit scrowny to start off with bit, but 3-5 months into becoming settled in to their new home their feathers will start to grow back and look REALLY beautiful! They are actually really friendly, and mine run up to me when I come home and always want to be picked up and cuddled!

Great Chickens -

I have recently got these birds and it's my first time of keeping birds of any sort. I have experience of birds with my job, but not personal had any. My little beauties have only been with me for a week now and they have already tried laying. The shells were thin and broke though, but they are trying. They are thin, thread bear and two are very weary of us, but one, we have named Florence- is wonderful, she's the tattiest of the bunch, but as soon as she hears the door, she bounds down the garden to great you and see if you have any scraps for her. They have meshed in with the dogs well and the cat has had a go, but they see her as no treat at all! All three have their own personalities, and they are very intelligent birds, they are slightly destructive, but it's so lovely to see how quickly the natural behavior has come back to them, you can almost forgive them anything!

Excellent Layers - Very Friendly - An Omleteer,

Excellent layers, layed eggs from the day they arrived, literally; Sometimes they lay 2 eggs a day, did originally have 6 ex-bats but shed was getting too mucky =) now we have 5 chickens (2 of which are ex-bats) and a cockerel and are getting 5, 6 eggs a day! Also we got a double yoker from one of the ex-bats as I was there to see it happen! But top-notch if you are looking for quick, efficient layers. Also surprisingly friendly, can hand feed them very easily. Grow feathers back pretty quickly, once they have, they are real beauty's. But the only downside is that they do have squabbles among each other (if there is too many of them), slightly delaying the growing feathers back process somewhat.

10 star - An Omleteer,

We rescued 5 battery hens this time last year. They were very scraggy to begin with but are so beautiful now. In the summer we were getting four or five eggs a day! Unfortunately two have died and one is looking like it is going to go the same way. Still with just two healthy hens we get an egg a day, i would recommend anyone to give them a chance. It is so rewarding to see them flourish.

Sad to start but soon Blossom -

Lovely chooks. Some of the girls look very sad, some look great! They soon blossom. Mine are really friendly & very hardy (a GSD dog & 2 cats don't cross with them!). Quite bossy personalities! Handle them often so get used to you once settled. Sylvia,Delores & Libby being cuddled & fall asleep on my lap. The others arn't so fussed;they all have different personalities! I don't think the baldly ones would be for 1st time owners tho - as they can be poorly sometimes.

Slightly harder on the garden... - An Omleteer,

We kept ex-batts for several years. They didn't look very good to start with but soonstarted to get better. I found them are harder on the ground than other 'normal' hens because they were so excited to be out that they didn't stop foraging in the grass. They laid well and were friendly.

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