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Ok - Bobd,


What happened with our bird - Marie,

Our cockerel would slit your throat. He's a nightmare. Brilliant with his girls + does allow a very docile cockerel to live in the group. Where did it go wrong if he's meant to be sweet natured. We didn't rear him ourself.

- Brandi,

We have just had our houdan chick for about two weeks, but she is so sassy. It is really fun to watch her crest feathers come in...she looks like an eighties punk rocker!!! She is the smallest of our four chicks but she is also very inquisitive.

- Gem,

i recently aquired a pair of houdans for showing, they are a stunning bird, although i had to build them their own specialist pen to keep them clean for the shows, usually keep hardier more practical birds, so this is a real novelty for me, dont know anyone else that has them :( which may cause me problems when continuing the bloodline. they are funny little things, brighten up the place, dont know why they are not more popular

My favourite chicken! - Eggregiousness,

I love my Houdan -she is mad! Definitely the biggest character of my little bunch! Supercool and not phased by anything. A terrible egg layer, but I wouldn't be without her! She had been bullied when I got her and had no tail to speak of. Now she looks fabulous - especially with her crazy hairdo!