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good - Joel,


good but not garden friendly - Abbas,

Very nice rooster. However, very bad garden.

Great Pets - Summer,

We ended up with two littlw Japanese Bantam roos by accident. They are non aggressive and just sweet little guys. They have shown no interest in mating with any of our small hens, but curl up to sleep with the kids and cats quite willingly.

Awesome breed - Caitlyn,

- Notcitygirl,

I have little white Japanese hen she is so cute and friendly. I love her very much, her name is Chicki

Gorgeous George & Pretty Peppa - Julie,

We have a male and female black tailed white Japanese bantams. We acquired them by accident as they were hanging around my husband's factory in the middle of an industrial estate, living in the coal yard next door. They had been begging for food for about a week when my husband decided that he needed to catch them and bring them home to live with us. When they arrived home you could not tell what they were because they were very thin and dirty. We have had them since November 2009 and they live quite happily with our 6 ex batts. They are so beautiful now you would not think they were the same birds. George and Peppa have beautiful black tail feathers that stand so proud, especially George's. Ours are not aggressive, not to each other, the ladies or us (we have 4 small children), they are very timid and only let you go within a few feet of them before they move. Maybe something to do with their earlier life, not sure. George cockadoodle dos all day long which is great to hear, (not too loud if you have neighbours). Peppa lays on average 5 eggs each week. I would recommend them because they look beautiful and are easy to look after, but so are my ex batts.

The best chickens for children! - Erin,

Japanese bantams are great pets for kids because of the calm, loyal, and loving nature! They are good for gardens because scratching is difficult for them because of their short legs. They are great show birds because of their arched back and high tail feathers. Overall, out of all the chickens I've had these are the best!

Friendly and hardy breed - Vicky,

We own around 20 japanese/pekin crossbreds. I have owned many pure jap bantys before. They are a superb breed and despite their small size, they are extremly hardy birds and I have many japanese bantams around 8 years old. They lay small white eggs and are regular layers, you can expect one egg a day from them. They can be quite flightly and the roosters crows are loud and screechy. They are great garden pets and are very well natured, they handle well and the males are not agressive.

Beautiful - Josh,

These birds are beautiful ! I have a buff trio and the cockerel is lovely , and we get about 1 egg a day of the two hens

the best chicken we have had. - An Omleteer,

I have one chicken, she is a cross between a pekin bantam and a japanese bantam and she is our best chicken (out of 6). She lays about 5-6 eggs a week and has already been broody and hatched 4 out of 8 eggs, the eggs are small though and she is very scared of humans, she will only stay about a metre away or more at all times, she is black with a lovely gold neck and quite stunning to look at. She is the smallest chicken by a long way but can hold her own very well, none of the chickens ever fight with her.