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cool - Karen,

I'm glad I choose this docile breed , because its in the back garden and built up area of homes I needed a quiet bird , and I have at last found one , makes no noise very shy . double yolks for now because its just started laying , my eggs are mahogany glossy egg , first started laying small long shape egg , so found two in there , beautiful shell , silk . just so perfectly quiet , my warrens are very vocal . when they want my attention they let me know , all's want treating these do,(warrens)the young maran cuckoo is skittish , when grandkids go near them they are very flappy , crazy if u like , but hopefully as they age they will calm down,bye

- Wayne,

Wonderful birds they are very active and a little flighty. Mine are pullets and they lay beautiful dark brown eggs almost every day. They are very clever birds

Very good friendly chickens - Jeff,

A joy to have and more of a pet than a egg layer

Super sweet and nice - Geertje,

We have 2 hens and 1 cock. The cock is currently living behind a building my mom owns. Theres a australorp cock there too. (theres a fence between them) and the second they heard eachtother they started making noises and then they goth started digging and stuff. I saw that someone said the cocks are mean. Im 13 and love them so much! The Maran cock litteraly fell asleep in my arms and no matter what i do he would never hurt me or my family. They are great family chickens! ❤

Marans - Polly, Northamptonshire,

I've just lost my lovely Blue Marans at age 6 .... she hadn't laid for over a year, but was enjoying a free range retirement til the last. Friendly, curious hen, she was the first to greet me when I went into the orchard. She moulted dramatically, from full plumage to oven ready in a day or so, but a new steel blue coat grew back very quickly. She was a great layer for her first few years. I've also just acquired a "Splash" Marans .... seriously girlie looking chuck, and already laying deep brown eggs daily. They're good back garden birds, and very decorative.

Brilliant! - Carol,

My copper blue maran has beautiful markings, a great personality, is quite hardy and lays lovely dark brown large eggs. I would rate the breed as garden friendly but my maran is a good 'flyer' and in the afternoon tends to fly to the top of the hedge or in a tree!

Eggsellent all rounder,long lived and consistently good layers. - Nick,

Although they are a touch lazy through the winter, come Jan/Feb they get into laying mode and don't slow down until Oct/Nov, usually laying 5-6 eggs each, per week. Gorgeous deep brown eggs that we have a waiting list for. Surplus cockerels are white skinned and well fleshed, and old hens make a proper French coq au vin birds as a final contribution to self sufficiency.

- Heinz,

- Ludwig,

I have experience with this breed. I just wanted to say that the breed is called "maranS" and not "maran". They originate from a small french village called Marans.

- Archie,

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