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Three birds - Jamsher,

Give me three birds

Incredible Chickens - Libby,

Minorcas are the most fantastic chickens. Not only are they beautiful, majestic birds but it seems they almost have nine lives. Our last one, Cheeky, lived to the ripe old age of ten and was so friendly and a great mother figure to our ex-batts right until her last days, They aren't easy for beginners as they are quite flighty (Ours lived in a tree for 2 years!) and they certainly do not take well to being confined. But they are incredibly hardy bird and a real joy to keep.

- Sally,

Our black Minorcas are pretty much the best birds we have. Large white eggs laid 9 months of the year, 6 days out of 7. They don't like being picked up/handled, but are happy to eat out of your hand. They don't like being confined and are therefore happiest free ranging or in large enclosures.

Handsome birds, nervy, large eggs - Casasa,

I love my Minorcas, they're so handsome, glossy black feathers with large red combs & white ear lobes. They're quite nervous birds, significantly less tame than other breeds. They're quite strong fliers & I've found them keen on tree-roosting. I have a Utility strain of them, & have found that they're quite respectable layers of large white eggs.