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Excellent breed - Mary,

Small, elegant, very active. Most have wonderful personalities and become fond of their handlers. Available in multiple colors. Tolerate handling very well. Highly recommend.

Beautiful birds - Rebecca,

Sweetest little birds. So chatty and I love the long legs. Cutest ever

i like this chicken - Ale,

i want to buy it

- Delaney,

Modern Game Bantams are my favorite breed of chickens. In my opinion, they are very beautiful, and unique! Most seem to be friendly, BUT I’ve had an occasional rooster that wasn’t very friendly, or a hen who would peck at my fingers or hands when I reached in the pen. As I’ve experienced, they aren’t very hardy birds, depending on how they were raised and where. I have one bird that was raised by another hen who lived outside. (I’m in Illinois, not the best weather in the winter when she was hatching). He’s very hardy, and doesn’t get sick/cold easily. I then have other birds who won’t survice without a heat lamp when temps get under 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also extremely hard to hatch!! I only got about 20 chicks this year out of 100+ eggs. Good luck if you try to incubate them! My MGBs lay about once every 1-3 days, more towards the1 and 2 days, depending of course on the amount of light they get. Overall, I love MGBs! They are amazing birds, and seem to have great personality’s!

Gorgeous Bird! - Smj,

The modern game bantam has almost gained status as my favourite bird over the few months that I have owned them. Many people argue that modern game and other game breeds are marmite birds - you either love them or hate them. Its easy to understand why, as long skinny legs may not be to everyone's taste, especially those used to the typical Orpington style breed. But I love them! I would highly recommend modern game for anyone looking to keep a unique and interesting breed. They are very sweet and friendly, don't take up much room and are adorable foragers as they're so tiny. I have also found them to be very good layers - on par with my wyandotte bantam. So go and buy yourself some! I promise you won't regret it.