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A breed that must be protected - Alix,

This breed is extremely good looking, friendly, the hens are great layers and the cockerels are very caring and non-aggressive. They are also very hardy. The best rare breed I have kept so far.

- Joe,

- Bob,

Good allround birds - Mandy,

The Norfolk cockerels are very handsome and protective of their hens. The hens are very friendy chat a lot decent layers and love attention. They are quite slow to mature so need to do early hatches.

Great all round bird - Karen,

Hardy, good layer and good looking too.

Great all round Bird - Karen,

These lay a good 200 eggs a year are very hardy and even make a great meat bird. They are a rare breed and need all the help they can get Cock birds are very laid back pullets and love the mixed corn I can not put in words what a great all round bird they are

Wonderful birds - An Omleteer,

I find the Norfolk Grey to be a lovely bird. My one is called Phoebe and she is extremely friendly she gives us eggs nearly every day and she follows you around the garden. I have found she is quite a good mother to the other chickens we own. Although she is not the boss she thinks she is the boss. I can't think of a friendlier bird you can get.