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Great pets - John,

They are very friendly and happy.

Love Them! - Keaton,

I breed show pekins and they really are my favorite breed. I have never had an aggressive one. The colors you can get are also truly amazing. I have salmon, black, white and gold partridge, all lovely birds.

Love Them! - Keaton, Wiltshire,

I am a breeder and they have always been the favorite breed, with me and with my customers.

these are cute and the best chickens ever - Seante,

gorjus birds

Cute Younglings - Gassan,

They are very cute and fat and lay good eggs. They aren't very loud, apart from the daily crowing by the bigger roo. They don't ruin flowers, but they poop a lot in the garden.

Pekin bantams - Kevin,

I dealt with Gerrit Bosch in Holland for eggs after seeing his prize buff trio win all out European cup. I now have 10 lovely buff Pekin or called here Cochin bantams. Much rounder and softer feathered than our British Pekin bantams. Bit larger also. I have a landscaped garden and they love it. No damage or mess on lawns or borders as I grant them big sand and wood ash baths to bathe in daily. Good layers too even in hard winter. Not as good as bigger hens for job but eggs around 200 per bird a year is common. Pekin keepers say this cannot be until they call to inspect.Feeding oats and high protein layers mash with wheat corn for scratch. Worms are main meat scource in summer so feed beef chopped fine from roasts. Give minced pork dishes almost still warm in deep snow days. They love toasted berries and even good dog food in gravy. Rest of time they find their own in orchard. I built a great two level house with insulated cabin and play things like swings. Enough space to allow exercise if I go out for shopping so as not to risk fox attack. Living so rural has its advantage but town is a car ride away. I want no other breed than what i have and love. Like a fire brand they sweep across my view across the green velvet lawn to bring the gardens to life on early spring days.

Brilliant - Nina, Somerset,

Great pets, good eggs, KFC survived a fox attack 21/2 years ago, now second years worth of chicks, she has sat there for 35 days now being patient as had to wait to get eggs, and they took more than 21 days to hatch, so will post some photos later as activity is still happening

breed - Venusspecimen,

what a lovely breed to own. clean small tidy birds that look wonderful and walk like they're cross country skiing.

- Ryan,


Good pets - Baronet,

I have a trio of mixed shades of white,Brought six over from UK to Latvia when I retired just to have them in an extra large garden to grace the sweeping lawns to my villa. I then lost two to a loose and ugly dog. Now having great problems trying to build them up into a steady flock. No one over here has any idea of adoring them.Not one have I seen in four years. I now have a Dutch breeder who sells at shows in Germay and Holland. I do so hope to be able to buy his show winners and start the only Pekin/Cochin breeders sales on this side of the world as England has no idea where the hell we are I cant deal with them. Pity really as the desire to have a flock of these lovely balls of feather is burning us up. Wonderful for you all but in fact the hardest job of searching ever done in my life trying to find a supplier or breeder this side of the ocean,

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