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Reviews for Plymouth Rock Bantam

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Awesome Bantam Breed -

Plymouth Rock bantams are aqesome layers for people who dont have the space or budget for large fowl layers. I absolutely love the breed


very good layer

Very easy and friendly -

This was the first breed I had and have always found them easy, healthy and pretty good layers. They have coped with our overgrown garden and apart from being a little fussy in their diet, (won't eat kitchen left overs much) they have been a delight. Highly recommended. I want some more but no one seems to be breeding them now.


They're fantasic!! -

I have three buff plymouth rock bantams and they are the most lovable creatures! We have just hatched out one chick and we spend time with them everyday by digging worms or giving them spinach etc. We got two rabbits shortly after getting the hens and the hens are just as much entertaining as the rabbits, maybe even a little bit more! When we first got them they were shy but you have to gain up there trust and they now follow you round the garden!

Excelent -

Great pet, always interested in what you have got and are a great breed to add to your flock.

the best -

one of the greatest breeds i know if you're just looking for nicely coloured chooks to lay eggs these are for you.

Fantastic Family Pets -

Our four and five year olds are forever cuddling our three Buff Rock Bantams and they are really tame and friendly. They roam the garden and do very little damage (the Bantams that is). Great fun as pets and tasty eggs as a bonus.

brilliant hens for any hens to have -

My very first hens were black rocks. I got 6 at 'point of lay'. I found 1 egg in the small run and house they lived in. It was layed in one of their feeders. They only ever layed 1 egg in their lives I think. They had all the neccesarys and nutrition. Buff rocks are brilliant though. They look lovely and lay lots of eggs. As are barred and white etc. I'll try more blacks in the future hopefully.

My favorites! -

So cute, so friendly they are! I have many Serama's, Chabo's and Plymouth Rock bantams barred but these P.Rocks are my biggest love of all!

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