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Wonderful Dumpys! - Dumpy,

I kept and bred Scots Dumpys for years and absolutely adored them. Many of them laid eggs for most of the year and the eggs are second to none, I've never tasted better eggs than Dumpies. Not white but light brown. I had black, cuckoo and white birds, all very short legged except for one nice hen, my pet cock bird Hamish weighed 9lb and lived for 8 yrs, a good age for a male. My last hen lived to be 12yrs and was a wonderful pet, she followed me everywhere and sat on my knee. It pays to handle them as with all hens, to check for health issues and keep them tame. I miss them terribly.

- Shauna,

I have 1 scots dumpy rooster and 4 rhode island red hens and i think that scots dumpys are great garden birds.They are friendly but can be a bit shy.They do well in a mixed flock and so are perfectly suited to the family enviroment!

Scots Dumpy's - Dumpy,

The original colours for Scots Dumpy's were black and cuckoo. This article is wrong when it says there is no set colour for Scots Dumpy's. When the breed almost died out, some breeders introduced Dorking which is where the other colours come from, so any Scots Dumpy's in any other colours than black or cuckoo are not pure bred and should not be used in breeding. Scots Dumpy's are one of the rarest Rare Breed fowl and carry the lethal gene which in most cases causes 25% dead in shell when incubating. Scots Dumpy's legs should not be longer than one and a half inches, although some will hatch with longer legs, the longer legged birds should have legs no longer than 2 and a half inches long maximum. They rarely go broody (article is incorrect again). But if they do then make good mothers. They lay very large long eggs, some lay cream shelled some beige/brown. They are good layers and make good pets. There are a few bantam Scots Dumpy's around, again this began when breeders introduced other breeds to bring numbers up, using Pekins, Dorkings etc. Originally there were no bantam Scots Dumpy's and should not be a bantam version.

Fantastic Chicken - Mark,

These little hens produce an egg a day. While they look small the eggs are fulll sized. Great little characters to work with as well which makes them a joy to have.

Perfect garden chickens - Christine,

We have 5 black dumpies, 3 hens and two cockrels, one cockrel (PC Plum) runs with are laying hens together with his mate (Josie Jump) and the other three are in a coop and run of their own to keep the breeding stock pure. The hens all lay really well and rarely miss a day, Josie lays beautiful pale green eggs which our Granddaughter loves. They are extremely friendly. We are having difficulty getting more unrelated stock for this lovely rare breed. I would love to get hold of some cockoo hens.

Amazing chickens - An Omleteer,

Very frendly and so easy to catch! i have 3 and get 2 eggs every day but two of them are still in there first year of laying they mum is 9 years old now she came in a trio the other hen was killed by a dog and the cock died a year ago he was the best cock ever he learned to open my cat flap which realy confused my cat as i missed him so much i incubated all my eggs and the next 2 eggs that were layed and and two hatched :) i am 84 and have always had chickens of so many different breeds but dumpys are the best.