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an excellent friendly bird. - Leon, Devon,

i have keep scots greys for about 5 years now, a good looking bird with great character. i have found them excellent broodies with at least 2 each year sitting and rearing chicks past 12 weeks and unlike a lot of broodies i have no problems handling them and the eggs/chicks. my cockerels have never been aggressive either. good sized eggs for a light breed and plenty of them, some of my birds lay well into the winter months. i would be careful with your garden though as they can and will strip it down to bare ground if they dont have enough space

Lovely looking bird, very friendly too. - Mark,

Scots greys are beutifull birds and become tame very quickly. Some of them can have a fault with their feathering but otherwise a very lovely bird. My two bantams come running up to me every time I walk into the coop. They are very flighty birds and can get scared easily but they are are very daring and try to be the boss. The bantam version of the Scots grey is very small and can escape easily. Despite all the critism they are amazing birds and worth every penny.

Scots Greys - Patrick, Stirlingshire,

Scots Greys are a very friendly breed and they are great for a first flock. They can sometimes dig in your garden which can be quite frustrating but they make up for that by being such a beautiful bird. Egg produiction is good even in the coldest winters. Overall these are great chickens to have.

scots grey - Maryann,

i have a male and a female the cockrel is just starting to cocka doo now they are the most friendliest birds i have ever had my children sit and they both climb on my kids they are a lovley pair

birds full of character - An Omleteer,

SCOTS GREY BANTAMS- I have had this breed for well over 20 years- they are packed full of character and are a very proud looking bird.They tame easily for treats. They are what I would call "stackyard" birds and would prefer to be on a midden in a farmyard- however I do keep some in an ark successfully but the ark must be large enough to give them plenty of room to spread out ( and dig!) Scots Greys Bantams are good layers, laying a large egg for their small size.