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They are wonderful pets. However, when my Roo crows, the whole house shakes! Don’t underestimate the volume. Your neighbors will know you have a rooster if kept outdoors.

docile, friendly, hardy, good layers (30grams) low crowing roosters -

I keep a Serama rooster and some serama hens with my mixed flock of large chickens (Brahamas and wyandottes). The serama rooster is the leader of the flock. They are just a tiny version of a big chicken. They behave just like my other breeds. They are good layers (30 grams) and lay about 5-6 eggs pr week. They eat much less because they are so tiny(300-400) grams and dont need that much space. They allso dont destroy my flower garden due to their tiny size :) Easy and friendly to handle. Best to buy some small chickens or hatching eggs and grow them up ur self to be shure to get them tamed. They will stay in the garden, and is not a flighty chicken breed. They are docile and friendly pets, nice for children. If you breed them they will come out in all different colours, they dont stay true to colourbreeding. The roosters crow is not loud and they can be kept in citygardens. (Its the only rooster breed i can keep where I live because of my neighbours).


Excellent pets

Perfect Pets -

Serama chickens are very small so they make great pets if you live in an urban area. We have four and they weigh no more than 16 oz. Very beautiful birds. They are friendly and don’t mind being held. Since they are small you want to make sure they are protected from predators when they are outside and kept warm during the winter if you live in colder states as they do not tolerate the cold well.

Perfect pet bird -

If you want an egg layer or meat bird look elsewhere, but if you want a beautiful, friendly, unique companion bird who is easy to care for and maintain then they are perfect. You may have trouble finding them as they are still a specialty show bird, but well worth the investment. I have 2 pairs now, in addition to our flock of cochins, sebrights, silkies, etc and the serama are my babies. One rooster in particular was gotten when he was 4 months old and he wasn't handled, within a couple weeks I had him sleeping in my arms, they truly are bred to love humans if shown love and affection. I worked with him and now if the door to the house is open he's in here looking for me. If he finds me laying on the couch he's on my chest taking a nap. Seramas are wonderful birds, why get an African grey parrot? Get a beautiful serama rooster.

Great bird for indoors -

Lays more eggs than I eat (don't like the eggs) and it's a great indoor bug control.

great breed suits small space - Westmeath,

all the colour and type of many breeds but less cockerel noise and pet type breed, eggs taste lovely, ideal for pickling, great with children.

seramas -

The serama chicken is a lovely quiet is one of my favorite breeds and i have a few other breeds like vorwerk and marrans. they are the most hardy of all my chcikens that i have ever had and they are a great layers and lay most of the year except when they are molting. the serama ar the best broodies i have ever seen, in one year from start to finish most of my hens went broody 5 times but reared 4 broods of chicks each after the chicks have hatched about 3-4 week after the hens started to lay again i would highly reconmed you to keep serama chickens you can buy hatching eggs from them from ebay.

Fabulous birds -

Serama's are the most beautiful birds to keep especially in a small garden. Mine are curious but friendly and quick to learn. Hens do go broody at the drop of a hat but make great mothers. Cockerels screech rather than crow!

Gorgeous little birds! -

Having kept large fowl before( Orpingtons and Jersey Giants ) nothing prepared me for these gorgeous little chickens! They are adorable and, if handled from a young age, SO tame. It is easy to see how, in some parts of the world, they outnumber cats and dogs as house pets. One of my girls has just started laying - tiny eggs, but one each day. They also appear to be more intelligent than your average chicken - or maybe that's just me being biased! All in all, a great little bird who will happily fly onto your arm/ shoulder/head for a cuddle!

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