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The best breed of chicken out there! - Noelle,

We love our Serama! We breed and show Serama here at Native Colors Exotics and The Serama Club of Wisconsin is based out of our farm. They are not cold tolerant like some other larger fowl breeds, and until recently, it was believed they can't be wintered outside in cold climates. Here in Wisconsin it gets below zero, and we have found some of our state chapter members wintered outside with supplemental measures taken to keep them warm on colder days. The Serama is definitely not a breed you can toss in a prefab coop for a cold winter without extra measures to keep them warm and safe. However is they're dry, and able to get off the cold ground and if it's well ventilated and there's enough body heat in the coop and a supplemental heat source offered that they can get away from, they seem to have done just fine. With that said, there are some feather types and more Malaysian type birds that have little to no cold tolerance. You most definitely don't want to try and winter a silkied Serama outside in the winter! But that's okay, they make great house pets. More like a parrot than a chicken really! The SCNA is a great resource for all that is Serama!

Serena bantams - Jane,

Just bought 2 pairs of bantams from Christine at marsh green she is very welcoming and knowledgeable very healthy birds and lovely set up would highly recommend will be back soon thankyou

- Ginmary,

They are wonderful pets. However, when my Roo crows, the whole house shakes! Don’t underestimate the volume. Your neighbors will know you have a rooster if kept outdoors.

docile, friendly, hardy, good layers (30grams) low crowing roosters - Daniel,

I keep a Serama rooster and some serama hens with my mixed flock of large chickens (Brahamas and wyandottes). The serama rooster is the leader of the flock. They are just a tiny version of a big chicken. They behave just like my other breeds. They are good layers (30 grams) and lay about 5-6 eggs pr week. They eat much less because they are so tiny(300-400) grams and dont need that much space. They allso dont destroy my flower garden due to their tiny size :) Easy and friendly to handle. Best to buy some small chickens or hatching eggs and grow them up ur self to be shure to get them tamed. They will stay in the garden, and is not a flighty chicken breed. They are docile and friendly pets, nice for children. If you breed them they will come out in all different colours, they dont stay true to colourbreeding. The roosters crow is not loud and they can be kept in citygardens. (Its the only rooster breed i can keep where I live because of my neighbours).

- Maria,

Excellent pets

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