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Cute, Friendly and Mental - The, Suffolk,

So cute and pretty. So friendly and stupid. Our little Charlie (see pic below) got mauled by a Cocker Spanial and survived so I had to put a high hardiness. She lays an egg every day that is golden yoked and reasonable size. She is ridiculous and funny!

Fantastic Chickens - Theresa, Buckinghamshire,

Beautiful Ornate Chickens. My experience of the ones that I have is they make excellent mothers, well able to cope with the extremes of the weather. The only issue we have is ensuring we clean their feet to prevent mud balls. They do not mind this ot having a bath when they have been foraging in the mud. As for egg production we usauly have they usauly lay 5 a week on average and they are the a lovely smooth white egg.

Lovely birds - Duncan,

You need to take the Sultan breed reviews with a pinch of salt. My Sultan's (I also breed them) haven't read the book that tells of a non broody, low egg laying, stuggling to cope with the cold type. I get an egg every other day from mine. Not a hybrid rate of laying but enough. "Non broody". One of mine went broody after laying her first three eggs. Currently they are broodier than my Pekin's! "Struggle with cold weather" No less or no more than anyother breed. Last week they where playing in the snow! Beautiful to look at. Little to no garden damage. Cockerels are quite gentle for boys but are just as noisy as others. Keep on top of lice and mites i.e. dust them and treat the house often and you have an ideal little chicken for a back garden.

Awesome bird - Lola,

I must disagree with your assessment of the Sultan. I have 2 bantam sultan hens. Both have been broody and I've let them hatch out clutches. They are excellent mothers. Both were very protective and earnest of their offspring. I live in Northern Michigan, know for the cold. Mine are both very good foragers and love free range. They can get bedraggled in the wet though.

Simply the best - Abi, Suffolk,

I own one sultan hen and she is simply the best chicken ever. She is still quite young and hasn't laid yet but she is very friendly and gentle. It is fun to see her being a bit stupid. I'm not sure if this is the same with every sultan or do we have a particularly dim bird?

Soooooooooooo Cute - Abi, Suffolk,

I have 1 young female sultan called Charlie. She is soooooooooo cute. She isn't very noisy but when she makes a noise it is very funny! She hasn't started laying yet :-( but hopefully soon she will. I would very strongly recomend them.

Lovely bird, great eggs but noisey! - Trista,

We have had 2 hens for around a year now from young. One is a bit timid but has imrpoved since being with us. The other is more approachable and we can pick her up without a fuss. The friendlier one produces an egg a day which is great. The other is yet to lay. They are quite noisey which is fine but we are concerned they may bother neighbours! Overall, a lovely bird, we enjoy watching them and eating the eggs!

- - 9Chicks-O,

A so beautiful hen... but a so bad layer. It's not a problem, but don't buy it for eggs. It's a really good garden friend because it doesn't kill plants !

showed in oct 2010 - Tony,

Result... Female 1st in class.... Cockrel 2nd in class. I am so proud of them hopefully this year will be able to show all 3 of them .will breed from this year to an show chicks later in year . good hatching this year to everybody .

Great 4-H birds - An Omleteer,

I ordered 4 sultan chicks 2 years ago. I handled them, some as chicks, but the first time I took my rooster out of the coop, he was extremely tame. All of my Sultans have been bold, my rooster even pecked our dog on the nose! I found that they are great all around birds, they will act like a dog if you let them. Unfortunately, sultans only come as straight run, they aren't sexed (at least all of the hatcheries I've checked.) I was helping some younger 4-Hers in my club bathe their birds for fair, and they had Sultans that were just as easy to handle. Because they come in a bantam size as well, they are good birds for kids.

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