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Great Girds - Tony,

iv got 2 hens 1 cock. He is trouble when i try to top up feed or change water he goes for me i think hes protecting his girls im showing him an one girl sunday i put him in the bath hes not as hard now lol iv got 3 chicks from him he has turned one of the girls bald on her back they have not grown back enough to show her i live in a village an its great to wake up to him crowing the neighbours are ok about him will let you know how we get on .


Having had Sultans fot the past 10 years and won best of breed with them for the past 4 years at the National and the Federation now I can safely say that I have the best show quality Sultans!!! I find them good regular egg layers, and quite a big egg for the size of the bird. I now have black and cuckoo Sultans which have been going for some 30 years and find them extra special too. Enquires contact me, just for a chat about this lovely breed, phone me on 01673 885 856 thank you.

Sultan chicken - Jack,

I have a pair of Sultans that are really friendly birds; they look so funny with their feathery feet! They are not the best layers but lay an egg every other day of the week. They are really easy to handle as they do not see you coming. They are said to be bad at free range but mine wander round my large garden with ease, although they do struggle finding their way home again (because of their bad eyesight). I would recommend them for someone who wants a bird that lays an egg every so often, makes a good pet and looks unusual, also good for people who are fond of their lawns because they cannot scratch due to their feathery feet. More people should keep these great birds to keep the breed alive!

lovely birds - Elaine,

I have kept these birds for a short time and they are very friendly.

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