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- Molly,

good chicken really ive got too great layers that lay 2 a day without a doubt - Matthew,

i think that they have a very nice apperance and they do lay very beautiful eggs to eat

Good winter layers. - Emma,

I have light sussex in my flock for several reasons. One, they get broody and make good mums. Two, they lay quite well during the colder/darker months and three, they amke a good starting point for a hybrid hen (in my opinion). They are lazy birds and don't tend to forrage for themselves and if food is adlib, they can get overweight. They don't like bad weather much and will only venture out if they have to. If you can put up with the lack of eggs while they are broody (one of mine gets broody in spring and dosen't get out of it until autumn!), then they are worth having if only for the eggs come winter and to see these matronly girls finding the only patch of sunshine in your garden and blissfully sunning themselves.

- Alan,

I have really enjoyed my Light Sussex. I have had them for three years, raising from my own stock. I now have nine pullets and one rooster and they have been laying for about a month. I have been getting 8-9 eggs per day for the last two weeks. I think mine would be hard to beat except with one of the hybrids (Golden Comets etc.) and possibly not then.

- An Omleteer,

Very nice breed - Adam,

We have a hen and a cockerel, both very friendly and great with children. Hardy, nice to look at, and funny to watch. Egg production to start can be a bit iffy, but on the whole a great bird

Perfect - Fern,

I bought a light sussex pullet and she is going to be three in September. She is a lovely pet and is very hardy. She lays very big eggs at least 5 times a week and has had a few double yolks. She lives by herself in an enclosure and roams free around the property in the evening. She gets company from other chickens and ducks she occasionally pecks. She eats a lot but gets new grass every 4 days. We are introducing her to a barnevelder and a rhode rock and there is marginal pecking. I am hoping to keep them all together permanently in a couple of weeks. They are a very smart breed that I would recommend. She is a perfect pet.

- Ian,

Incredible and lovable birds! - Katie,

Bought two a while ago, and the smaller one has since become a firm family favourite. Lays lovely, large eggs and is super friendly with kids. The other one is a very well-behaved and friendly hen, if a bit haughty. However, she has gone broody twice in the two years I've had her. Only thing about them that bothers me is that they make a mess of the garden and the small needed her wings clipping because she kept flying over the gate. Would reccomend to anyone.

wonderful old breed to keep - Robert,

I think that light sussex are a wonderfull breed but they do have some faults like they can pick up the habit off egg eating very easily they are also being breeed with diluted markings that is brining the breed standard down but still good layers and easy to breed.

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