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Sussex Star - Manon,

My Sussex Stars were friendly and settled into their home easily. They aren't too keen on being handled; however they can be picked up if necessary.

Excellent - Steve,

I bought a couple of young Light Sussex (approx 8 wks POL) back in August. Having never kept chickens before i cant believe how easy they are to look after. They immediately settled into their new home and from day one they new exactly what to do i.e. i released them during the day in their fairly large run where they quickly found the food, explored their coop and at dusk went in for the night on their own accord. Every day since no problem they just do it. They started laying in October and i get 2 eggs per day and still going in December. I feed them on layer pellets mixed with corn and they also devour anything else you give them i.e. greens, worms, spinach etc. I aslo let them roam free in the garden, which they love but be warned they can dig for Britain and will rotavate your borders in double quick time. Funny to watch though. Again even when they free range they can be relied upon to return to their coop at dusk. Their intelligence levels have suprised and amused me no end and like stated in a previous review become accustomed to a little whistle etc. Their hearing is excellent and they are alerted to my arrival in the house from some 80ft away. In summary for someone who really didnt want chickens(wife made me) i wouldnt like to part with them.

brilliant breed - Skye,

we own 1 light sussex and 2 silver sussex they are lovely breeds of chicken,they are tamed easily and ours lay half white and half brown. our first light sussex "lucky" was got by mr fox so much for lucky our second LS is called berty my little brother named her : ]

GREAT HENS - Jeff, Aberdeenshire,

i have some buff sussex hens and a rooster and very hardy and good appearance and good laying production.

care - Joshinator,

I have 2 speckled susex and over a period of time I have noticed that thay are verry easy to get into a habit. If you make a sound like a whistle every time you go to feed them for a while thay will start to recognise that sound as a sound to tell them that food is coming like a cockrell dose. If a speckled breed go's broody it is fairly easy to brake them out of it,you can do several things witch will work with basically any breed 1.You can dip there botoms in a bucket of cold water but that dosen't usualy work in the hot summer weather as thay enjoy it cause it cools them down. 2. You can put raised strips of metal or wood acros in a small sleeping area with no pearch or hay. 3. Or there is a verry simple way but it takes longer this is to lift them out and close the enterance to the nesting box. Will post more Joshinator

Excellent layers - Jack,

We brought a light Sussex hen along with 3 others and our light Sussex is a great layer, all of her eggs have 2 yokes and she is great to keep and care for. Her name is Flora

Daphne rules the roost - Rockstro,

My Light Sussex, Daphne, is a real character but can be a bit of a bully and likes my other hens to know that she's the boss. She lays enormous eggs but has a tendency to be broody for quite long periods at a time, at which point she's politely bad-tempered and egg production ceases. She's an inquisitive individual, very friendly, and likes to follow me around the paddock. She came from the Wernlas Collection near Ludlow.

Lovely, friendly birds which produce good eggs. - George,

These birds are extremely friendly once you've picked them up, and you are easily able to stroke them etc. Their eggs are large and really nice- mine produce one egg a day and didn't stop during the winter months. They are chickens with great personality.

- Olivia,

Great chicken! - Zak,

Korma and Judith our light and buff Sussex are so friendly! They always run up to you in the garden and let you pick them up and have always been this friendly from the start. Judith lays 6 eggs a week and Korma lays 5/6 and have done from the day we had them without stopping. They are such characters and I found Judith standing in my dads shoes once!! If I leave they door open they jump in house and my other chickens then follow them. I bought them from the wernlas collection and would recommend them. Get these huge fluffy chooks!!

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