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- Steve,

Just hatched six ???? lavender in colour and they stunning

Love those and looking forward to have them soon. - Kai,

I breed chickens as a young boy for a lot of years with quit some success (Orbingtons mostly) now, after coming of age and having kids, the family decided to add a flock of chickens to our large garden. I was undecided until we came across the Omlet Eglu!! Compared to he classic hen houses I used this one is a work of genius! (Must be said! This cuts down the afford in keeping chicks to 10% ) Once we decided on the Hen House we quickly came across the beautiful Vorwerks wich we soon will have a 6.1 Flock in our Garden. To Glen and others wondering how to keep the Chicks on the ground and within the fence, there is a age old technique that is called "Cutting the Swing Feathers" if done right it will not harm the chickens nor make them look ugly but it rips them of the ability to fly more then a short jump. Just look it up on the internet there are plenty of Vid´s and Blogs that have instructions. Best Regards from Germany, Kai

Vorwerks - Sheila,

I have three Vorwerk hens, now about a year old. They are characters. Hardy, busy and very thick feathers. They love to dust bathe in our raised beds and have about a quarter of an acre of garden to roam around which they love to do. They are very active birds and alert. Friendly and will walk up to me but not let me get very near. A job to catch. Up to now only two escapes over and through a fence. Thought maybe I would need to clip their wings but I have not done so and so far everything okay. They do scratch up lots of areas under shrubs in the garden but also make great weeders. They lay well, nearly three eggs every 24+ hours. They are fed organic pellets and corn in the afternoons. Love them.

Vorwerk Bantams - Crazy,

I have one cockerel and nine hens - all around 18 months. Find this breed to be fantastic. First saw Vorwerks at a country show around two years ago and fell in love. A friend gave me some hatching eggs and I ended up with one Vorwerk chick - a cockerel! I then had three hens and brought in more unrelated birds. Love Vorwerks for their personalities, unaggressive males, lovely eggs and the fact they are beautiful.

VORWERK CHICKS - Eric, Oregon,


Vorwerks - Rory,

They are good strong tufty birds.

Flyers!! - Red Arrows??? - Glenn,

My Light Sussex hatched out 4 Vorwerks for me who are healthy and busy birds, very inquisitive. BUT be warned at 8 weeks they are able to fly up to 8 feet!! My 6 foot fence poses no problem to them and am now trying to find suitable fencing that won't cost me a fortune, any ideas folks? Waring me out trying to contain them.

Beautiful Birds - Alec,

I purchased 2 hens and a cockerel last summer. They are very timid I cant imagine the ones I have were handled much as chicks, they are a lot faster than your average chicken and I can only get near them when they go into roost at night or when feeding in the morning. They love to roam and have no problems with the resent bad weather we've had. Not had much in the way of eggs yet, thankfully this is not why I bought them. The cockerel is afraid of his own shadow so I wouldn't imagine any problems having 2+ roosters together. Looking to breed them in the spring..

Rare?? Why?? - Stephen,

This is a fabulous breed and I have great difficulty in understanding its rareity. I obtained my two trios from diferent sources almost a year ago. they were a littis slow to start laying but when they started boy did they lay !! last week my 4 hens produced 23 eggs. Not that is impressive by any standards. I also decided to enter a cock and a hen into the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society show at Balmoral Park where they managed to win 1st and 2nd by=ut more importantly they were so calm when I was washing tham I could hardly believe it. Gorgeous very hardy birds, fantastic temprements great forragers, fast maturing and superb layers. Why thay have been allowed to become rare is frankly beyond me.

Active and inquisitive - Nic,

Absolutely loved my Vorverk hen. Over the years I have kept at least 10 different types of pure breeds, this is one of my faves. BIG personality. They are very active and inquisitive birds. they are quite light bodied and smaller than some of the pure breeds but they make up for that with the size of their attitude. My girl was very good at being handled by very young children & didn't get stressed out by this. Tasty regular eggs with white, thick shells.

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