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- Andrew,

I love these birds so much The Wyandotte breed is by far my favorite I have gl blr and lavender Wyandottes and looking for salmon Wyandottes but I absolutely love these birds

Nice chicken for a small flock - Erica,

We bought 5 chickens last spring, 1 silverlaced wyandotte, 2 golden sexlinks, and 2 welsummers. 1 gsl died after a couole month for lack of thriving. The other gsl was taken by a raccoon 2 weeks ago. She was our friendliest bird. So we have Peep, our slw and 2 Welsummers (coco and cute chicken) left. Peep loves to jump over our tall fences into the neighbors yards! She was our 2nd most friendliest bird, now our first since Goldie our gsl was killed. Peep follows us around the yard and she doesn't mind being pet. Not overly fond of being held but she tolerates it from me. She doesn't let my kids hold her. She is a good layer, one egg every 1 to 2 days. They are light brown in coloring. I'm very happy we have her. We got 4 new chicks this spring, one of them being a goldenlaced wyandotte. I'm excited to have more of this breed. They are very beautiful birds! Our wyandotte seems to be more people friendly than our welsummers. The cats even get along with the birds

fertile eggs? - George,

does anybody have fertile eggs of silver and (or) gold wyandottes for sale?

Great show birds - Ifan,

I have a mix of 6 wyandottes silver and buff laced and have won in 3 shows this year. They look great and are easy to handle, the only problem as far as I am concerned is the egg production. They are great breed and I would recommend them to everyone.

Beautiful, shy and SLOW to start laying - Gill,

I got 3 silver laced in September, and despite being fabulously big and good looking, have not started to lay.... Breeder wasn't quite sure hatch date, so maybe very slow developers or it started getting dark early, which has pushed forward laying till next spring. Anyway, they are bottom of pecking order (have Rhodie, cream legbar and 2 light sussex) but they have integrated and settled in well. A bit daft. Make sweet low sound, and are delightful to watch. Like to fly! Even though they are bigger and fatter than the others.

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