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Awesome rooster - Anonymous,

We had a rooster(We were lucky to get it from a mix from the feed store that's near us) and he was very timid,A teacher to our seramas(Who he taught to roost and sit in the nesting box) and a good chicken to let the kids hold,As he wouldn't fidget and would even let you hold him like a baby! He was very friendly but had difficulty walking around as he'd fall all lot. He was very friendly,But sadly he died at 1-2 years and we're looking for another bantam rooster(And a hen,Too!) Very great for the kids if you tame them right :)

Excellent - Pauline,

The Marsh Daisy is a Lancashire breed, this is why we have them as we live in Lancashire 3 miles from where they originated. They are hardy, can cope with any bad weather. Have incredible personalities, very individual. They are a rather light breed, small, but this does not stop them putting our cuckoo marans in their place. They are long lived. Our cock died in January just short of 8 years old. Would.t be without them.

Beautiful, friendly and productive. - Sandy,

Marsh Daisies are a great wee bird to keep. They are very attractive and are ideally suited for the backyard farmer. They take up only about the same room as a bantam. They take to handling and become very tame. They are fun to watch. They get on well with other birds. They lay plenty of beautiful eggs, with a finish like porcelain. I thoroughly recommend them.

Good egg layer, friendly, beautiful but - Rhys,

They are not a tame bird. They love to be up high. I have had my 2 brown hens since June but I love them :) They lay good eggs. They love treats and will let me hold them at night. They are not violent but are incredibly strong so not good for children. They are brilliant with my other hens and are hardy. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a good layer who is confident and hardy and beautiful. Mine are a show line so they are stunning.

Brilliant Birds - Ollie,

We bought some Marsh Daisies earlier this summer. They aren't show standard so we're testing the blood line. Hopefully we'll get better offspring. To begin with they were aloof and very flighty but they have got a bit more used to us now. They still won't come within 2 feet of us but are much better than they were. They are real beauties at show standard so I've learned (the hard way) not to be so hasty. They are very hardy in general but one of mine caught what we think was Infectious Coryza (similar to a cold) She recovered in the end and started laying again! Although I haven't had many eggs from them they are generally very good layers. Their eggs are pure white. I can't comment on garden friendliness as they are kept in a pen well away from the garden in the orchard. Over all They are brilliant birds and I strongly recommend this rare breed. Happy Chicken Hunting!