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Friendly chicken - Susannah,

A friendly chicken, and really good as a first pet. They work well with the Gingernut Rangers and are good egg layers! They will happily let you pick them up and enjoy a grape or two! Very sucsessful!

Very handsome! - Jane,

These are beautiful looking hens with stunning plumage. Our two are real characters, although one of them is not the brightest of hens...she sometimes forgets how to get up (or down) the ladder, for example. She is still a sweetie, though. Great for hen novices like us.e

Fantastic breed - Savage,

I cannot rate this breed highly enough. At 4 years old, my girl lays the biggest eggs around! She is friendly, and a beautiful bird!

Bright, Curious & a bit Feisty - Jan,

We got our Miss Pepperpot, along with a Gingernut Ranger, & immediately fell in love with her beautiful colouring - beetle black with flames of gold licking out from & across her face and neck. We were planning to introduce the two to our existing flock gradually but had to take 'Ging' (original name for a Gingernut!!) out early because Naga, the Miss Pepperpot, turned out to be a feather pecker & ruffled our cockerel's feathers to boot. No problem, though (thanks to Omlet's Barbara & her brilliant advice) - we fitted a bumper bit for a week & then swapped this for a smaller beak ring &, with some judicious use of water pistols, she has settled in well. Lovely girl, bright as a button, very sweet & friendly to humans, gets on well with the other birds too, now the pecking order is established. Excellent layer of large tinted, rather than brown, eggs. Recommend for beginners with caveat that a beak ring may be necessary but don't be put off by this - very cheap, easy to fit & bird has no problems breathing, eating, drinking or foraging.

Beautiful bird - Ailie,

We unfortunately lost our lovely, idiotic Miss Pepperpot to a fox at Christmas and we miss her very much. She laid a tremendous volume of eggs (we frequently had huge eggs of 100g with double yolks) and they were always on the large side. Cluck and her 2 Gingernut pals completely destroyed the garden and the grass is now littered with sizeable potholes. You have been warned!

very good - Jabir,

they are a bit bossy to the other chickens

Mine not "prolific" layer - Fiona,

Actually I'm a bit disappointed with this bird, relative to the Gingernut Ranger. I got one of each at the same time. The Gingernut is much more docile, child friendly and lays every day, the Pepperpot I have is a bully, more destructive in the garden and takes many more days off from laying. I'd happily exchange her for another Gingernut anyday.

The most friendly chickens - Christine,

My Miss Pepperpot, now named Cynthia, is now five years old and what a character she is. Constantly chattering, very friendly, and extremely nosey. This breed will follow you around the garden and come running when called. She is very docile and not at all aggressive, she even puts up with younger chucks pinching her treats, even tomatoes which are her favourite. I have had lots of different breeds, but the Miss Pepperpot is undoubtably the best. Even at 5 years old, I still get an egg a day.

hardy breed and not too destructive in the garden - Jenny,

We got our Miss Pepperpot, Hetti, three years ago with 2 Gingernut Rangers, she was bottom of the pecking order and lost lots of feathers in the process. The Gingernuts have since died of seperate illnesses but we still have Hetti who is the most fantastic chicken we could ask for. The garden did get destroyed when we had the Gingernuts but Hetti doesn't cause any damage. She spends her time by the kitchen door and often comes into the house for a chat. She lives on her own now but has made a new friend with our rabbit Buddy. The pair spend their time, when not by the kitchen, chilling out together in the garden, they follow each other everywhere they go. Hetti has been an amazing pet to have, we all love her so much and just hope we have her for a lot longer than our Gingernut Rangers.

Friendly Miss Pepperpot - Annika,

Our Miss Pepperpot, Klara, arrived on Tuesday afternoon with two Gingernut Rangers, Sophie and Jessie. They have all settled in well and are enjoying exploring the new garden. Klara quickly took the top hen role and Sophie and Jessie accepted the pecking order very quickly. Today (Sunday), Klara strode very purpously in to the Eglu and 20 minutes later produced her first egg! Klara likes exploring on her own but also enjoys being with Sophie and Jessie. We cleared an area in the flower beds for the girls and it was a great sight seeing the three girls having a dust bath together. I am so glad we got our beautiful Klara as originally we were only going to have two Gingernut Rangers. Our girls have been a great hit and have given us, the children and granparents so much pleasure since they arrived!

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