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Pretty, Good Layer - Ollie,

A brill bird, highly recommended for the beginner. The 1st of my hens to start laying, and the most inquisitive of my chickens. We just got some new birds and she's not happy!! My Light Sussex is telling the new comers who's boss though! Over all, a superb bird for all as they are very hardy and they lay very well. Don't go looking for Miss Pepperpot hens as their most common names are Black Rock and Rhode Rock

Fantastic, many years of pleasure - Emma,

Fantastic, our favourite hen, clara who passed away yesterday after more than 10 years of joy. She was friendly, easy to handle, tame with a quiet and funny personality and inquisitive nature. She survived 10 inch snow and a mini heatwave, and is dearly missed. The perfect breed for children and adults. She came in the house, greenhouse but lived in a coop, enjoyed the company of the guinea pigs and followed us everywhere. She even had a facebook page and was a proper member of the family. I am now looking for four more Miss Pepperpots because she was the perfect hen.

Miss Pepperpot - Binzer,

Only had them for a week,but are very friendly already.

- Jasmine,

I love our chickens they always do not mind if we watch her lay an egg and she has a friend to play with all of the day. Their names are ella and sam, they are so friendly, I love having them at our school and I am a chicken carer at our school! p.s my friends are too!

Beautiful egg machine - James,

This is the most beautiful and dignified hen from Omlet. Otherwise known as a Black Rock or Rhode Rock. She is also the best layer, nearly 7 eggs a week since she started laying in November. Follows us around in hope of a treat and 'mews' rather than clucks. Doesn't mind being picked up. Very healthy. Loves garden plants and the compost heap.

Beautiful Girl!!!!! - An Omleteer,

Maggie started laying within four days of arriving at our house!! She lays lovely eggs and loves to be out in the garden. She lets me stroke her and likes to eat out of our hands!! All in all a fab chickie!!

great pets - Mandy,

We love our girls, Miss pepperpot & Gingernut. our Choc Lab has taken to them too. Alas our grass & vegitation is no more. We will have to fence them off next spring. They are cheeky, always rush to greet you. the gingernut is the smarter of the two, they follow each other around and cuddle up at night. They lay wonderful eggs and sometimes double yolks. Didn't realise how much they poop. They bring lots of pleasure, glad we got them, but when they are cheeky my hubby threatens them with the cook pot ! He thinks I treat them better then him

Friendly garden destroyer - Neil,

We have a Pepperpot named Gladys. Very friendly, follows you round the garden and into the kitchen. Eats out of your hand and makes a loud crowing noise evry once in a while. I think she thinks she is a cockerel. Has done a good job with her accomplice Rosita (Gingernut ranger) of destroying almost all our grass in the space of 4 months. We keep them in the eglu while at work so they are not out that much especially now winter is here. Gingernut ranger is more inquisitive and confident, but they are both great pets. Neither are particularly fond of being picked up. Highly recommended.

a lovely chicken - An Omleteer,

I have one Miss Pepperpot chicken and she is lovely she is really friendly and is really tame. She lays large brown speckled eggs daily and sometimes twice a day! She and my other chicken are very noisy,if we leave the back door open they will come in and wonder around the kitchen.

about my miss pepperpot - An Omleteer,

my pepperpot is an beautiful and lively member of the flock. She is a little shy but makes up for that in her hardiness.altogether a lovely chicken!!!!

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