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Great Fowl - Howard,

The Old English is many things to many people and I see all sorts of debate as to which type is correct, Carlisle, Oxford etc. and all I can say is there are many breeds of poultry in the World, so pick the one that suits you. I personally prefer the American Old English Game because they have beautiful feathering and move like an athlete. America was the final filter for the best cocks, as it was the last Western Country where performance cocks were permitted and their records contain the history of the best fowl all heading there in the 1800's, when cock fighting became a thing of the past in England. My family actually imported their fowl from the United States in the 1800's and I still have the seals and returned Bank Notes due to a shortfall in fowl supplied. We have always had the Stone Irish and Warhorse. Lovely fowl and both strains essentially crow winged and are a pleasure to handle as they exude strength. I like the fact that they will stick up for themselves and have had pieces bitten out of me for getting too close to a hens chickens and have had the males shuffle into myself at head height for disturbing his hens and even suffered a broken finger from separating two cocks who got loose and decided on a dance. I like the fact that these strains are known as fiery and you don't have to worry too much about dogs or predators as they will attack anything that comes into their domain, which is fair enough. As I said, there are many breeds of fowl and I hear all sorts of debate about this or that. I know and everyone knows there are two types of Old English and I would add actually three. Carlisle, A Mark Marshall/Atkinson type and an Oxford type. Breed the type you enjoy and I think it will be a wonderful day when everyone sits down and respects the different types and get down to the type they enjoy.

Best Bird Ever - Aide,

These are probably the best breed that I have ever kept they are hardy lay good and look good all while being friendly enough to come sit on your shoulder and feed from your hand. If you don't already have these birds then get them

oxford english game - George,

I have had a trio of light susex and one oeg for about six months the oeg is defently boss and is so friendly that she follows my ten year old son around the garden and in to the house if allowed . She is fine to handle although she chases my cats out of the back garden . In short she is full of character lays most days and is fun to have and easy to keep.

They are great - William,

I have an ole crele old english game bantam rooster, ive had him since he was a chick and he has been my best friend ever since..I love him, he has a silver duckwing old english game bantam hen as his gale and he never leaves her side out of all the other hens he has to choose from. Me and him have been through a lot together.

Simply Beautiful Birds - Wayne,

I recently purchased an Oxford OEG cock with two hens, together. The cockeral is beautifully marked with amazing colours and a thick gold 'chain' (band) around his neck. I was a little worried that his calling may disturb my neighbours but it's not as loud as I thought it may have been. They certainly don't like being handled and are lightning fast. The heights they fly to and the speed at which they move means it's hightly unlikely they will be allowed to roam the garden - so I spent the day building a huge pen for the trio and hope they'll be happy in there... Certainly be an improvement on the tiny rabbit hutch they were sold from!

Interesting & lively birds! - Kirsteen,

I have kept these birds for a couple of years. My cockerel was not very aggressive at all and one of my 'normal' cockerels killed him! The females are quite noisy and excellent mothers. They are VERY protective when they have chicks. They can fly extremely high and although they are very active and hate to be cooped up I have found that they don't like to be out in the rain at all and will always seek shelter inside.

Fab little bird - Lisa,

We have one OEG in a mixed flock of 11 different varieties. She's really friendly, adores being picked up by the kids and is full of character. Never had any probs with her flying out of the really large run. Not great layers, but never been broody either... Fun little bird!

fine birds - Kevin,

I have kept black and red oxfords for a few year now and have always found them friendly and steady.The hens have reared many different breeds for me and make excellent clockers. A fine choice!


I have kept and breed Spangles at shows 35 years ago. Back now with Ginger Old English Game Bantams and loving it. They are proud birds standing like soldiers on guard. Show off cocks strutting about owning their patch signaling their mates that a tasty treat has been found. Always ready for a fight with a rival cock should he appear. Exception bring a dominant hen showing her presence with a quick peck. As pets I can watch these majestic individuals go about their hunt for food and fun for hours. The cocks crowe around six am for five minutes in unison and there after when the feed arises. A bantam OEG has a high pitched crowe as if screaming and forcing the screaching out with all the lung and chest muscle available. I suggest comtemplating keepers go to a few shos with ears wide open. I still think the joy, the spectar of old English Game Bantams a tremendous reward not monetarily but to ones health relaxing and chilling out from work stuff while watching the bantams antics.

grate looking birds - Tom,

i own about 30 partridge bred black reds and a few brown red. The males can be VERY aggressive because they were bred for the pit. They have a strong gamey taste. the hens are good mothers and will sit on the eggs.

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