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I love them! - An Omleteer,

i have 1 female and she mixes really well the my other hens. She is full of character and is an exellent layer and a good mother. :)

A most wonderful bantam - An Omleteer,

My grandfather kept and showed the Carlisle OEG bantams and as a small child I was terrified of them. A few years ago my father brought me 1 wheaten cock and 6 wheaten hens of the Carlisle OEG and I adore them. My partner and I have never kept any hens before but these are magnificent. They could never be described as pets, they are bad tempered, infrequent layers - laying anywhere but the nestboxes, cockeral always at the ready to attack anyone who goes near his hareem, but I love them. They are just left to wander anywhere they like and seem very happy, they are truly magnificent birds, no wonder my grandfather sat for hours talking to them.

Great All Rounders - An Omleteer,

Have not had my first trio very long, but am chuffed with them. Much easier to manage and calmer than the derbyshire red caps that i used to breed !

Nutters! - An Omleteer,

We had both cocks and hens, they just used to fight all the time, they ended up all being separated. They never became tame and were very scared of humans. After 9 month they managed not to freak out when fed but still avoid human contact. Not recommended for garden pets.

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