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These are the greatese birds G-d ever created. - Marvin,

If you want a beautiful bird then look no father than than these birds here. Each different type of bird in the Old English Game Chickens is beautiful not too many other breeds can match them bird for bird.

I can't believe they're "fighting" birds - Jillian,

I accidentally got the bantam version at an auction. What a happy accident! They are by far my favorite chicken breed. They are so friendly and adorable. They fly up on my lap and shoulder all the time. They always makes sounds like their laughing. I am now breeding them!

- Dwight,

Good overall bird

Love this breed - Ruth,

I have had hens and cockerals and all have been lovely, super tame and excellent mothers. They are brilliant foragers and my hens lay everyday even during the winter months. The only problem I have found is finding some for sale. If anyone has any for sale, I would love a couple more hens to add to my chicken family. Please email me

OEGB - Graham,

Hatched off 2013, I have them as garden birds, was a bit unsure if they would stay as can fly well and high. I don't fine them particularly noisy as some people have claimed. I run 3 with a mixed flock of Sussex and Wynadotte bantams without problems. The have layed eggs pretty much throughout the year when the others packed up for the winter, each one about 5 a week. I used one as a broody for 3 Wynadotte Bantams, she made an excellent mother although aggressive if you came near her brood, funny when they tried to get under her wing when they grew. A thoroughly entertaining little bird, who can fly well but, is happy to stick around with the rest of the ground dwelling birds.

The best of the breeds - Sean,

I love these chickens they are quiet and never disturb my neighbours I have 4 in a eglu classic and they lay excellently I love waking up every morning going into my garden and picking those tasty eggs they boil really well and when it's thanksgiving These are the best replacement for turkey my cat gets along great and they are the most hardy animals I have seen my dogs back away at their glare

most friendly chicken ever! - Julie,

i rescued one from a local farmers market before Christmas, i didnt know what she was at first, all i knew was that she is the friendliest chicken towards people that i've ever known. she lives indoors, being so tiny and such a good flyer i worry that she'll disappear over the rooftops. she does go outside everyday in a coop to mix with the other girls, but being a fighting breed, shes a little too feisty and does tend to go for them (even at 4x her size!). shes an absolute delight, a perfect pet in fact. i cant imagine my life without her :)

- Pusapati,

excellent game fowl

Fantastic bird - Diane,

I was privileged to be given a couple of these birds. They are superb, lovely friendly birds. I will not have a flock without them now.

- Ashley,

Active and attractive with lively individual characters, a wonderful addition to any flock, space is not an issue with this breed since they are just as happy to be roaming the average sized garden or around a farm. They make fantastic mothers and will happily raise their offspring with the flock and defend them to the death! Highly recommended and very addictive:) cant wait to purchase some more!

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