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Lovely birds -

I have two gingernuts and they are amazing! Both are super friendly and lay everyday! Hettie the eldest likes to do her own thing however Hilda, will happily sit on your knee and cuddle. Two different personalities but both lovely in their own way. Highly recommend!

excellent breed -

excellent breed great as a pet beautiful eggs

Beautiful cheeky chick -

14 weeks ago, I had 8 baby chicks hatch. The eggs came as a mixed selection so finding out the breeds has been an interesting journey. There was one lovely little chick I couldn't identify. I called her my "cheeky chick". She follows me everywhere and if I bend down, will take every opportunity to jump on my knee or back. I have recently found out she is a Gingernut and what an apt name for her. She is a wonderful bird and loves to be cuddled. I don't know about her egg laying yet as she is only a baby. I think she would be perfect for children.

What a lovely bird - Derbyshire,

We have only had our GNR for 2 weeks (kept with an equally lovely Lohmann Brown) but she is super. Understandably a little wary for the first few days but now well and truly settled in; friendly, funny and laying an egg most days. Recommend this breed for first-time chicken keepers. The Lohmann Brown gets my vote too; even more friendly and funny!! A sweet little twosome :-)

Prolific egg laying chickens. Superb overall. -

Fantastic bird - Derbyshire,

Perfect for beginners, super friendly, great with kids, great layers, wonderful

- Cheshire,

I have a mixed flock and my ginger ninjas are by far the cheekiest and friendliest of all my girls. Theyll follow me round the garden and are always trying to get into the kitchen. They enjoy being picked up and will happily jump on the chairs with us when were sat outside. They lay every day even in freezing weather. These were the first chooks I bought and theyre the ones that got me hooked

Like a dream only with with more feathers -

The gingernut ranger is a hardy bird and is the most tactile breed in my experience . These friendly poultry make an eye catching addition to the flock.It is very unlikely if these fantastic birds are not at the very top of the pecking order as they are very good at putting the others in their place . The ginger ninjas (as I like to call them ) are extremely tolerant whilst handled although tent to flap if not handled properly . In all , the gingernut ranger is a hardy , easy to train , cuddly , intelligent and most of all confident bird and I would certainly recommend this breed for beginners !

Love them! -

Doris arrived this morning with her Miss Pepperpot friend, Molly. After the lovely Omlet delivery man had set up their Eglu the girls settled straight in, ignoring two very excited dogs, and Doris has already produced her first egg. I'm absolutely delighted with both hens.

Clean well behaved birds great pets -

i have two of this breed along with a miss pepperpot Goldy and Toffee my two gingernut rangers are very tame and obedient they trust me and have lovely plumages their deep ginger colour looks incredible in the summer and lights up the garden n the winter personally i dont have a favourite between the two breeds, i think that they are a very good and easy pet to look after i am personally a teenager and i find it east to look after them and clean them out.

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