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not for the faint hearted - Lisa, Cheshire,

I have 2 white leghorns and have to say they are not a very friendly chicken. they like their own space (generally as far away from us as possible). They are beautiful birds that i call my leggy blondes as they have beautiful long legs and slender build but they dont like to be handled and tend to be flighty, they are also feisty with our other hens . I have had to clip wings until theyre older as I was surprised how high they can leap from a standing position.

Best eggs - Martin, Yorkshire,

We were lucky enough to given three leghorns as a gift. Despite supposedly not the broody type we soon had a clutch of chicks (7 male only one hen). We soon have 9 hens though and we then bought another cockerel (see pic of Rowley in the gallery - if they are kind enough to show it!). The eggs are beyond doubt the creamiest with vibrant yellow/orange yolks). The cockerels are beyond doubt the best looking and the hens often described as the typical hen. Neighbours dog killed the cockerel so am starting again.

quite good bad pet like chicken - Aaron,

they are very nice but they hate being near humans and being handled!


Owned 4 breeds in my lifetime of 60+ years starting with a flock of white Leghorns on a farm, then a Rhode Island Red as a single pet for the kids, and as retirees have a backyard flock of 2 Silkies, a rescued white Leghorn, and a Cuckoo Marans. The Marans was a bully so we gave her away. Left with 2 bantams, we weren't sure about keeping the Leghorn. But the Leghorn is as gentle with the Silkies as she is beautiful to watch. She came to us as an adult shy bird and quickly fit in with the Silkies. She is an alert leader, intelligently respects fence barriers until we open them up, knows how to snooze under safe shelter, will hop onto our lap or arm to take treats, and gives beautiful snowy eggs every day until moult. Her December moult was severe but in January she has a full set of new feathers. She's trusting and mellow for health inspection if done in the evening after roosting. She is not a cuddle-bug like the Silkies. She is aloof yet friendly. She understands verbal commands and hand signals and knows her name. Something I've noticed about all Mediterranean hens with the large floppy single comb is that most of the combs seem to flop over their right eye as their left eye is the one used most to search for flying predators. Our next flock will include hardy Leghorns again - perhaps an Exchequer and a Light Brown. Excellent active foragers with an economical feed to egg ratio with this breed. Great temperaments if raised with care and respect!

Confident and comical - Hazel, Lanarkshire,

We have one white Leghorn who is the most confident of our 4 chickens, often foraging on her own, a little aloof but extremely comical to watch with her big floppy red comb. The eggs are a lovely white colour and medium in size. She has been the most reliable layer of the group, producing around 5 eggs/week as soon as she arrived. Doesn't seem to mind wind/ rain/ heat. Can fly although wings were clipped and we sometimes find her perched at the top of the bracer for the straining posts (about 2foot above ground). I would highly recommend adding at least one of these to your flock.

Facinating leghorns!! - Shauna,

We recently aquirre 2 brown leghorn hens. they were extremely shy (and loud) but lowely calmed down , wen we got them they were very young and hav just began laying last week! so far we hav lovely white little eggs. they are beautiful! absoulutely stunning appearance! really good lookers! would recommend them to anyone with a bit of experiance!

Leghorns! - Sorcha,

We bought three white leghorns back in 2006, one died but the other two are still going till this day, laying seven eggs a week! they like to sleep in trees in our garden and then all the others started! (isa brown, rhode island red, marans (cookoo, grey and splash) Speckledies and cream crested legbar.) They are not so good for chicks if you want them. I love them, great chickens that love to free range!

Love Leghorns - Carol,

We have only one as heard they were noisy, however she is no more noisy than the other 5 chooks and so much more entertaining. She does everything at break neck speed.She did escape not long after we let her free in the garden but we think she got cornered by the old girls and hopped the fence.No trouble catching her and she has since been good as gold. At the moment we are getting at least 5 eggs a week out of her and they are so tasty.


Have to say i have leghorns and they are not at all cannabalistic, treated with respect they are as friendly as any other and they reward you with 300+ large eggs a year, My birds will follow me around and they love digging up worms when i am turning soil over Keep these birds in the correct settings and you will be rewarded.

good chickens - Cole,

I have had pearl-white leghorns and they are one of the best chickens you can buy!

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