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- Jackson,

leghorn roosters are very good pets my favourite rooster

Excitable, Noisy, Flies - Nadja,

I had Leghorns as a teenager, and I don't recommend them if you want have your chickens double as pets. They tend to peck each other severely, are excitable and nervous, very noisy, and they can fly well enough to pay your neighbor a visit and make noise and a mess in his or her garden. They are very cannibalistic.

i had my leghorn for 10 yrs and she was the most incredible friend i ever had in the bird world - Debora,

i was shocked when i read that leghorns do not make good pets. My leghorn danced for walmart nightcrawlers sat on my lap and loved to have her body massaged under her feathers she layed an egg everyday sometimes she would crow like a rooster.I had her and 2 rhodeisland reds and 1 araucana a green egg layer from 2days old until 10 and then unfortunately i had to move and so they went to another chicken enthusiast. My leghorn had personality her name was gracie she knew my voice and me when i would take them in because of the cold they use to do exercises by dancing and jumping every am. I must say if you are looking for a well rounded experince i would highly recomend a female leghorn everyday was an exciting experience withher and her roommates they all looked out for one another it was my first time and i cant wait to do it again.

Lovely looking cockrel - Ken,

My mottled red leghorn cockrel was a very attractive young bird, and a pleasure to look after. Sadly he died with no apparent cause and will be hard to replace. His sibling hen and her companions remain as before but the hen seems to have taken on some of the traits of a rooster.

fantastic birds - Gaz,

I keep buff leghorns they are great egg producers and nice looking birds.

Leghorn - Lisa,

I have four bantam leghorns that I had from someone who didn't want them anymore. They lay daily but are not very good as pets. This could be because they had only been used for breeding but they are really scatty and flighty. They don't do any damage in the garden but they aren't easy to round up once they're out so mine have to stay in the run a lot unfortunately. Mine live with a male pekin bantam and he looks after them well but they tend to pull a lot of his feathers out for some reason. I do have to say that one of them went broody a while ago and was a brilliant mother and hatched out two chicks.

Best rooster I've ever owned - Christylee,

I own a breed pure brown leghorn they are not the most social of my collection but I love them and recommend them highly. When pullets first start laying if there happy and free range like mine they lay up to 2 eggs a day. I think the roosters are the most amazing, they are never agressive, I hold my boy every day. I have had new hampshire previously and they are really agressive roosters. Leghorns are by far the best rooster I have ever had.

Real nice - Steve,

White Leghorns are stunning looking birds and exceptional layers, but do not tame and won't come near humans - hence why mine is called 'Nervous Nerys'! Despite everything, they like running around the garden so shows they do have a playful side.

Really Nice Birds - An Omleteer,

We have 2 white hens. Great egg production, there is seldom a day when they do not lay us a lovely big white egg. good in the garden and are full of fun. mix well with the other birds and are very extrovert. i like this breed very much.

lovely brown leghorns - Tom,

i have 4 beautiful brown leghors hens and 1 cock.these are very pretty hens.they won second in a show.they are fantastic egg layers. i would highly recommend these great garden birds.

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