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brilliant birds - An Omleteer,

We have brown leghorn hens and a rooster as well as other breeds and I think they are a fantastic breed. They are not as aloof as I expected but can fly well and tend to roam but always come back at night when I feed them. They are inquisitive and comical, lovely looking hens. They lay lovely white eggs and are good layers.

Amazing - Josh,

I have a brown leghorn pair and i tell you what the cockerel is beautiful! Full of amazing coloured feathers ...

Scatty but super! - Jane,

I have 2 white leghorns, one has just started to lay beautiful pure white eggs. Not daily yet, but she's only just learning. They are beautiful birds to look at, and mine are very friendly - they will jump onto my lap when I sit in the run with them, eat from my fingers, peck at my clothes and shoes, and are forever under my feet as I'm pottering around the run. They don't keep their distance at all, I sometimes wish they would! Very flighty to start with - they escaped twice the first two days, over HIGH fences despite clipped wings. But since settling in they are happy and content in their home, and don't even think about it anymore. They do LOVE to dig, and quite large holes at that - so not the ideal choice for anyone planning to let them roam a precious garden. They are no trouble at all and are friendly, curious, funny characters to watch, highly entertaining. The eggs are a delicious bonus!

great leghorns !!!! - Reece,

i have kept many different leghorns in colour and i must say they are the best layer i have ever seen , their plumage is just lovely especially the red mottled leghorn cockeral , the are also a bird that doesn't like being handled unless nessary . a delighful addition to any garden .

Fantastic Bird - Andrew,

We have kept Leghorns for some years now and find them a fantastic small "large" bird. Because of their stature they require little feed compared to some of the other large breeds in my opinion, but the egg output is second to none in the pure breeds. Yes they might not be the most friendly when they scurry away but with patience they will come round on their terms, they can be forgiven for being a little barmy! We love them and would recommend them to anyone, just make sure you understand the breed first.

Good broodies? - Countrysidecavies@hotmail,

My leghorns are stunning and lay brilliantly (one is laying 2 a day at the moment!). They have beautiful eggs but they aren't very friendly. They will get used to you but it takes time. Also, everywhere I have read says that there is no point in letting them sit as they won't stay or that they won't go broody at all! I have 4 leghorns and 3 of them went broody. I let them sit and they hatched out all of their eggs! They are definatly good mothers but are protective although mine don't mind if i go give the chicks a cuddle. I would say a brilliant breed and they are hardy too!

great - Liz,

Our black leghorn, Matilda, is stunning with her large red floppy comb. She outlays all of my other chickens. In fact, she is such a prolific layer that we went back and bought her sister, Mary. We can virtually guarantee an egg from each of them every day, whereas we can't from our other chickens. Apparently, the white leghorns are even better layers. We were initially put off them because we read that they were noisy and flighty. Well ours certainly are not. Matilda will come to our back door and look and watch us intently. We just love her. I highly recommend leghorns.

Crazy! - Sophia,

Annie and Ethel are stunning looking in pure white with enormous floppy red combs but are pretty shy and aloof.... and run a mile when noisy children try to feed them! They will just about eat from my hand, but tend to keep a metre or so distance. They lay fantastically, rarely missing a day and their white eggs are very pretty. Annie and Ethel are the trouble makers when it comes to garden plants- they will try anything..... if you are precious about your garden white leghorns are not the breed for you!

Crazy birds - Sharon,

My two are great for the eggs but totally yampy! Darcey will let me pick her up (she crouches like for the cockerel) but Bussell is a loony!! I have to corner her and then it's a struggle. They will follow me for food etc. Very scatty but very funny chickens, have a great floppy red comb when mature.

Amazing Layers - James,

I had one Leghorn in my flock for many year. She was the best layer by miles. She rarely missed a day and the eggs were always perfect. The only downside was that I was not able to catch her and she was a little bananas.

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