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I love my leghorns - Jenny,

I have 3 white legorns, they are curious and very friendly. My girls have a massive garden to run around in, they love "helping" especially when I'm digging. None are clipped, they are a delight, no trouble at all.

They are very slim and beautiful! - Anna,

Great egg layers

Show chicken - Amelie, MIDLOTHIAN,

A very attractive chicken but can be quite aggressive, very pretty and the white ones are very good at staying clean

I don’t particularly like - Amelie,

I don’t really like the leghorns because I have a beautiful rooster who is so mean, he will chase you through the paddock even up the lawn. He has been treated the same to every other rooster I have bred and still nothing.

White Leghorn - Saeid,

Mediocre behavior / Food is equal to egg - excellent / Size large and large / Can not be obese / Behavior with strangle chicken = war / Egg production up to 330 - second year more than 280 / Very weak against disease / Low temperature is very poor for laying / Strong and active / Unbelievable beauty - very handsome / He sings a lot. Rooster / Roaches sometimes attack humans - very zealous / Long crowns are better for laying /

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