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i ve have a pair of silkie, the hen bird as just gone broody should i take the cook bird out or is he ok to stay in with her please could any one tell me many thanks John

good pet -

get them! real good and looks real cute! Not exactly the survival type of chicken and good egg layer though. good for little kids

Not the best of breeds.... -

I acquired 10 silkies in May. It is now August and I only have 7 left. They are SO friendly that I keep treading on their toes and today, I almost sat on one. They are very pretty, have miniature, sweet eggs and are adorable. The cockerel crows like an Orpington, no joke, and is very docile. They attack the ducks I have but because the ducks are hardy they don't mind!!! Unfortunately, as I have ducks and a great population of other wild birds, the silkies are constantly getting sick. I don't have a decent poultry vet where I live, so it is annoying. Always sneezing, getting mites, wheezing and other diseases, I wouldn't be surprised if they were all gone by Christmas.

Silkies are so much FUN! - BANES,

We are a specialist Silkie breeder and have been breeding them for 3 years! They are such lovely birds. They have the nicest temperament and nature even the cockerels are quite docile. We have many colours including black, blue, white, splash, partridge and cuckoo. The children love them because they are fluffy, cute, tame enough to handle and cuddle and they actually quite like a fuss! The are the perfect back yard chicken and will give you up to 5 eggs a week, when not broody!

gorgeous -

My silkies our lovely, friendly and very pretty. I think they are perfect for beginners as they are very friendly,they have a lovely apperence and they are apparently quite good egg layers.

Brilliant -

Lovely friendly birds, brilliant as broody's, lovely look completely different to any other breed of chicken.

good layers -

I have a number of silkies and have keept them on and off for years. They make exellent pets and the most reliable broodies, and are very good reliable layers of cream eggs, all through the winter when you need them.

3 silkie hens -

We have 1 golden and 2 white silkies.They are very entertaining and lovely to watch.They lay delicious eggs but go broody very quickly! Luckily we do not rely on them for their eggs, just as pets.

i love silkies -


We got our three girls, two blacks Licorice and Minstrel one white who we've named snowball and we love them. I cannot believe how friendly these girls are and what pleasure I get from them. They are so very comical running around the garden looking for bugs and worms. They love being blow dried and sitting in their cage by the radiator to dry out completely before going back out to their coop. They have settled well with our three ex batts and learned very quickly to keep out of the way to stop getting a nip from out girl that thinks she is top of the pecking order. Would recommend this breed to anyone. No problems so far, however it is still early days.

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