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Silkies are amazing -

I have a cross and she is my pride and joy. Crazy, very crazy but cute so cute!

great hens -

I got a pair of white bantams and they are the most funniest creatures. last year my hen clocked 12 eggs and they all hatched so now I need to sell them but she was the best mother I have ever seen. They are such lovely animals and are great foe kids

Lovely little things & friendly -

I just have a pair, one male and one female. I got the male free off an Irish Internet sale site and the ben from a poultry fair. The cockerel got on fine with my other chickens(jersey giants) and once I introduced the hen they both paired up together fine and now don't go anywhere without each other. The only reason I gave them two and a half stars on hardiness is because I live in Ireland and lately we have had quite a bit of rain, like it says their feathers are not water proof so a run with a roof is essential in wet country's Very friendly birds and very inquisitive when your gardening. Kids love them.


One thing the breed summary fails to mention is that underneath the fluffy topnot of most female silkies is a vaulted area of skull, usually with significant holes in the thin bone. This means that birds with large vaults/topnots are very vulnerable to brain injury, which manifests in various forms including crook neck and leg/wing paralysis. Silkies are prone to Marek's, but in my experience the vaccine is fairly successful, but many pullets may still be lost with similar symptoms due to brain injury. Different strains may be more or less prone to this problem (certainly the size of skull vault varies a lot, some are highly exaggerated), so before spending a lot of money on a pair, ask the breeder some searching questions about the robustness of the stock. Also check their feet, as many silkies have curled toes, a deformity that mean they are unable to perch comfortably.

Pretty little girls -

I have three - one white, one black and one a lovely golden colour. Their pom poms vary in size. The golden one has a really big one - so big that sometimes she can't see where she is going. The black one has no more than a tuft. They laid all through the winter - eggs not far off normal sized eggs and a pretty creamy pink in colour. They make sweet pets. The only thing you need to watch is that they can get very wet. Even if they are not out in the rain they get wet from the plants in the garden and I often end up drying them with a hair drier before they go to bed. They quite like this, being calm, friendly little souls.

Fabulous Chickens -

I have 3 silkies all hens -buff (onion), partridge (bumble) and Black (sage). They are the sweetest things on earth. Onion and Sage -yes after the stuffing- are 22-23 weeks old and bumble is 21 weeks old. Onion has just laid her first eggs 1 every other day at the moment bless her. Eggs are small but perfect. They mix so well with our other chickens Brahmas, polish and frizzles. Only thing i would say to watch out for is that their top knots are not too fluffly and get in the way of their eyes as this can cause a problem when feeding and drinking - Sage is sometimes off the mark as her fluffy top knot is over her eyes. Very quiet birds and so enjoyable to watch and be around. I love silkies to bits.

so so good -

They lay quite a lot of eggs . I wish i had all of the colours.

Very good mothers (and fathers too) -

We have three hens (two black, one golden) and two cock birds (both golden) who live very well together. With their extravagent 80's quiffs we named them after Duran Duran - John, Simon (cocks), Taylor, Andi and Nik (hens). Nik was a fabulous mum to five little chicks this year - one was white too! We also gave their eggs to our neighbour to hatch in his commercial set-up and he has had around 10 black, golden and white (where is this gene cropping up?!) chickies. Not as friendly as the Brahma and ex-bats we have, but the cock birds are very sweet and don't bother each other.

best breed eva... -

i have 3 silkie chickens, 1black, 1white and 1 splash coloured. they are by far the best breed ive had yet. they are very hardy little chickens and are a pleasure to watch plodding around the garden. they need to be kept indoors when raining becauce of their unusual silky hair ( it's not waterproof ) but they can be kept eclosed in a run if it has a roof over the top. their eggs are small but are still delicious to eat and make amazing cakes and buns. the mothers do tend towards broodiness but make fab mothers. they have the most friendliest personality and are a real pleasure to own. id recommend this breed to anyone of all ages. gud luk :)

cute and calm -

These pretty birds are very gentle and calm, and get on remarkably well with everyone!.. I love their appearance and they are quiet and a real pleasure to own, I have hatched some and look forward to adding them to my other silkies.

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