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Little lushies -

I have a white hen called scooter and a beautiful white cockeral with huge blue earlobes called Cyril- they are lovely cuddly birds , very few eggs from scooter bless her. Im currently incubating some red, black and gold ones - cant wait! Scooter is of course brooding someone elses eggs! Lovely birds.

Absolutely Fabulossssa -

I had silkies over 45 years ago when I was at my first home school. Now in my 50's I decided to buy a few different colours from various breeders and mix them up. I've all hens now, a black called Elvissina who has 8 babies at the moment, Amber a gold hen, Mommy the first white silkie hen and her 2 babies Ninja and Chucky Chan, both crystal heads and will soon start to lay. Have too many eggs that I keep giving away! I will keep a few of the babies and the rest are going to friends with the cock birds going back to the breeder who had his 4 cocks stolen last week! These birds are great, The garden is fine, theyve not touched my cabbage, peas, lettuce etc and tend to enjoy dust baths under the pampass grass, sleeping in the sun and eating out of peck-pots and th "breakfast " I give them includes oats porridge, rice, veg scraps, meal worms and sometimes left over spagetti. All cooked up together and they LOVE it! They also get greems and fruit pieces when I've done an apple pie they love the skins and even cucumber skins too. Still taming them, Mommy and Elivissinna are tame and crouch down for a petting, the babies cheep when picket up but otherwise good natured and fall asleep in my hand!!! So very cute! Try them as a breed you will love them they jusy get into your heart and once theyre in youll find that they become part of the family. Nice eggs too make great cakes and muffins, fab meringues!

Silkie -

very nice birds to keep as pets and for showing

Not Healthy Birds. -

I had two Silkies for little over 2 months.. They always got colds and were very clumsy because of the big hairdo's.. blocking there vision, they also got bullied because of this.. One of my silkies got taken by the fox, but the other died of a unknown virus , (silkies are prone to Mareks, so maybe that) she was unable to walk and was really ill and kept falling under the coop and getting trapped, we decided to have her put down. In my opinion Silkies are show birds rather than every day pets. Stunning birds though, i'd give this breed 3 stars overall..

So many eggs! -

I've had my silkies for 3 weeks now, they settled into their new coop in 2 days and I was getting three eggs 4 times a week, now my 4 little silkies give me 18-20 eggs per week !..I can't fault these lovely, quiet hens, they're great in a small garden.

Silkie -

Our hens are in a run. They are very well and we love them (we have only had for 6 weeks) we already have one hatching all sorts of eggs. Warren silkie and leghorn eggs. We have all three breeds and we have achieved something that granddad could never do with the breed - get them to go broody. We are hoping that we can carry on in the future and breed these lovely hens

Ever so sweet! -

I have two 20 week lavender silkies, who have just started laying. They integrated very well with my other chickens and now rush up when anyone comes near. They have now got used to being picked up and handled, and crouch very obediently. We get tiny little white eggs almost every day from them and they look so comical and fluffy!

Silkie -

Concerto is my white silkie chicken. She is beautiful and I would reccomend silkies for someone who is wanting good eggs, a friendly, reliable bird, makes a good mother and is very broody, pretty and one good for the garden. They don't mess up your garden but need to be kept in dry conditions as they don't have water proof feathers. Good in cold conditions I think GOOD LUCK.

Cute Little Things -

We recently received 3 silkie eggs of which 1 hatched - a beautiful partridge coloured one called Cookie. We thought it was a bit lonely so our friend gave us 2 Rhode Island Reds - One Buff Popcorn and Browny Black Coco a Cockeral. We were slightly concerned about how they would find it together but they are a proper family! The silkie Cookie will jump into my hand if I hold it out and it even falls asleep on me. Only 4 weeks old and they are outside pecking out mo. Would recommend for children like myself.

Silkie -

I started out with this breed a year ago and haven't looked back. They are so friendly and they almost trip me up when I go to meet them as they are in and out of my legs. They duck down when they want stroking and are happy being handled. Very calm birds and great around the children. I have them behind a 4ft fence and they have never tried to escape. They do however go broody about every 4 months. So beware, you will constantly have a hen sitting somewhere. They do make fab mothers though. When they are not broody mine have been reliable layers, one egg every other day. But obviously if its egg production you want this is not the bird. Once broody, they obviously stop laying and it can take around 3 weeks before they begin again after the chicks have hatched

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