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Lambkin Dwarf Cats


The Lambkin Dwarf is one of the most recent cat breeds. It is still in development, being a cross between the Munchkin and the Selkirk Rex. It is sometimes referred to as Nanus Rex, (with 'nanus' meaning dwarf). Pending official recognition by the The International Cat Association and other bodies, both names coexist.

The Lambkin Dwarf is very rare and difficult to breed due to the fact that the desired genes are recessive, and only one, or even none, of these (i.e. genes for short legs and a long curly coat) tend to be passed on to the kittens.


Being a new breed, and very rare, a definitive record of typical behavior and temperament has not yet been established. They inevitably have a lot of Rex-breed characteristics, including a love of human laps and a playful nature, along with the agility and speed of a Munchkin.


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  • Status: Rare

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