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Nebelung Cats

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American cat fancier Cora Cobb developed the Nebelung breed. The first registered members of the new tribe were Siegfried, born 1984, and Brunhilde, born 1985, named (like the breed itself) after a German poem/legend/opera in which Siegfried rescues Brunhilde from a dragon.

Siegfried and Brunhilde’s mother was a black domestic shorthair named Elsa, who belonged to Cobb's son. The two cats were blue and long-haired, and although siblings they were not littermates.

Siegfried and Brunhilde were the foundation of the Nebelungs. Their first litter was born in 1986, with a second in 1987. Cobb applied to TICA for New Breed status. The Russian Blue was designated as an outcross for the new breed as this would allow Cobb to widen her new breed’s gene pool but keep the coat qualities she wanted.

In the later 1980s cat breeding and showing became popular in post-Communist Eastern Europe, and the Russian Blue was redeveloped, and many of the new foundation Russian Blues now carried the longhair gene. These proved a valuable new source of bloodlines to help develop the Nebelung breed and reduce inbreeding. The TICA finally recognized the Nebelung for championship competition in 1997.


Nebelungs are devoted to their owners and love attention. They are never happier than when curled up on your lap, but also have a lot of inquisitive energy for exploring their homes from top to bottom. They are usually wary of strangers, though, preferring the company of the people they know.


Always grey tipped with silver

Breed Details

  • Status: Rare
  • Place of Origin: USA
  • Rough date of Origin: 1980s
  • Hair length: Longhair
  • Activity Level: High
  • Vocalness: Low
  • Child friendly: Good with children
  • Intelligence:
  • Playfullness: Relaxed
  • Grooming Requirements: Once a week
  • Weight: 2.5 - 5.0kg
  • Size: Medium
  • House Cat or Outdoor Cat: Outdoor Cat
  • Pet Compatibility:
  • Social Needs:

Nebelung Pictures

My Beautiful Nebelung Cat. His name is Spencer

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Nebelung ~ such a beatiful gorgeous cat & solid gray almost silky silver, don't shed much, no matting what so ever, big eyes green or gold, very intelligent, loud meow, churp, chatter, talks, whines, - Tamara,

Topher, (nickname Fang the Enforcer) was the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. He lived to 18 & unfortunately had a heart murmur which led to heart issues. His breed doesn't usually have any health issues what so ever. He was feral & discovered at Sacramento river as a newborn, litter of 3. I got him at 8 mos. His coat is so velvety silver/gray & like silk & pure no other color or strips. Fur is fairly long especially around the neck & chest. They say their fur is like the London fog. Tail is thin & bushes out a little near the end. He never ever matted which is unusual for long fur. Didn't shed as much as my other long hairs. He had huge eyes & they're usually gold or green. His gold. They are very sturdy cats. Legs are short, not too short but not long & they are muscular. Big paws. I loved his paws. And oh my goodness do they have a very very loud meow & churp, chatter, talk, whine, while growl when scared. Will wake you up with meows for food at any time during the night. Very intelligent & love to explore. Figures things out & gets into to just about everything. Topher went through my purse all they time & would take things out. I called him my little surveyor. He loved to eat! Topher would tap me with his paw over & over to wake me in the morning while meowing & you can't ignore his loud meow. He figured out how to climb on top of my refrigerator where I had to put his treats thinking he couldn't possibly get up there. But he figured it out. He was so smart that he started at the kitchen Island where there is a stool. Got on the Island & jumped from there to the lower part of the counter. Then to the higher part across the sink. Then climb on the cannisters that held pasta & beans. From there jumped up on the top of the frig. Knocked off all the treat bags on to the floor & helped himself. He taught my other rescued kitties how to climb out of their pen & taught them every cat thing needed to know, use the litter box, bathe yourself, etc. He even taught my tuxedo how to meow. My Tuxedo would move his mouth like a meow but nothing came out. My little Tux also got restled around by my Tabby a lot & would hide. Topher got him to come out & taught him how to meow. My Tux adored Topher & followed him everywhere. My Tabby was a rebel rouser & always plopped himself in the middle demanding to be groomed & he'd pick on my Tux. Topher, who was much larger, 22 lbs, would let my tiny Tux restle him & body slam him to them ground & put his mouth around Topher's neck ( tried too) & then Topher would lick my Tux to death, like saying good job little one. It was the funniest thing to see. This tiny kitten tossing a fat 22 lb cat to the ground. Of course he was teaching him. So my Tux finally could stand up for himself & my Tabby wasn't able to push him around. My Tuxedo followed Topher like a shadow. And Topher was definitely the king because he didn't put up with my Tabby! He give him a licking! Never brutal just telling my Tabby no you're not the boss around here, I am. I got my Tuxedo & Tabby at just 3 or 4 weeks at most & rescued them from someone's back yard who was in the country. Brought them home & bottle fed them kitten formula. I wasn't sure how Topher would act because he was the only cat, my only pet at that time. I put up a big pen in my livingroom 4 ft high. I put Topher in the pen & then the two tiny kittens & crossed my fingers. Topher immediately grabbed them & started bathing them. Help go potty & taught them how to use the litterbox & bathe. Topher's breed Nebelung does get along with other cats quite well, & dogs but has to warm up to dogs. But doesn't like loud barking & dogs running around & jumping. Nebelungs usually do not like barking, loud noises, children running, screaming, laughing out loud, cars & trucks making big noise, knocks at the door, visitors, or strangers. They are a one person maybe 2 person friendly cat breed. They will warm up to people who are calm, soft spoken but it takes time before they will let you pet them. You have to work at it. I don't recommend getting a grown Nebelung for a home with young kids or where people come & go alot or make lots of noise. They are extremely loyal & love affection. Very intelligent sometimes too intelligent because they explore & will figure out things on their own. They need some entertainment & activities. They also need to have a good safe hiding place or you could get into a situation where your Nebelung is hiding behind your huge entertainment center where electrical cords are & that isn't safe. I'm not saying they never warm up to people but you have to work at it & be calm & patient. He was very good with my young grandkids but the kids had to come into my room & whisper & bring some treats. They coax him out with treats & a brush. Nebelungs love to be brushed & petted. Also love to play as long as they trust you & feel safe & then the are fun & crazy. We called Topher "Fang the Enforcer" because he had big distinctive fangs, & would slap the kittens while sitting on his thrown (bed) as they ran by with his big silver paws. It was the funniest thing to watch. He was a very good climber. Very sturdy & got a bit stalky being 22 lbs. I had to put him on a diet. He loved toys especially the spinning ball one around the cat scratcher in the middle. Loved the freshly grown catnip in my cat garden. He acted so crazy & would lounge right in the pot. Nebelungs don't matt nor shed much at all but are big time groomers & need furball treatment. They groom themselves a lot, & all the other cats so hairbal stuff is important, as is flea, tick, parasite & heart worm med you must give to any cat monthly to keep them healthy! Lots if fresh clean water, vet recommended food, toys, exercise, grooming & lots of love & you'll have one of the best & most beautiful silky smooth & low maintenance cat you'll treasure. And it's good that they don't usually have any health related diseases passed on genetically. And they usually live til 20 -22 years of age at average. You can't ask for a better loyal & loving kitty! He is so precious & I thank God for him. I wish I could find another young Nebelung to adopt but not easy to find so far. People say "oh ya, we have some Nebelung kittens" but they always turn out not to be true Nebe's. You'll see faint stripes or other colors & Nebelungs are solid gray & actually silver & kind of low to the ground with big paws & sturdy legs with lots of fur mostly thickest around the neck & chest like a male lion's maine. And their tale is long with thin fur but at the end bushes out a little. They have big gold or green eyes. Mine had fangs which was a plus. Imagine a Russian Blue with long silky fur but a little shorter legs & more muscular & big paws. They pur so loud its like a motor boat. He was the smart cat I've ever had, so loyal, loving, loved food, and one of the funniest cats I've ever seen. Don't leave your purse out cause he'll go through it & take stuff out. He would try to fit his big body into a salad bowl, loved boxes, loved my bathtub & climbed in it alot. Curious about water. And climbed the big pillars in my living room which had rope around them, to the top of the ceiling, then sway back & forth looking down at everyone like king of the jungle. Very strong scardy cat!!! Just a big ball of silky love. The love of my life! My beautiful son Topher aka Fang the Enforcer Be good to your pets! They are so worth it! My prayer us that every cat & dog & domestic animal have a loving safe forever home. And that I'll see my Topher in heaven soon. I love him so much! The best of the best breeds.