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Wonderful breed! Very healthy from quality breeders! - Debbie,

Amazing devoted breed. Very dog -like.

- Robyn,

The most intelligent, gentle, healing soul. Loyal, protective, affectionate. So beautiful.

I love my cat. - Bob,

I have a sweet maine coon cat. He is very vocal, hates jumping, and is nearly blind. I rescued him from an abusive family when he was a year old. He loves to lay on me, and often jumps on my shoulder. (He's really heavy.) I love this cat so much. He is my entire world, and he's the most affectionate cat I've ever had.

A fluffy dream - Michele,

Maine coons are not only gorgeous and regal kitty’s, they are also playful and mine loves attention. Jade with her jade colored eyes is the most vocal cat I’ve ever encountered! I rescued her at 5 yrs old and so she has some issues with bolting and when outdoors she quickly jumps fences of all heights. I haven’t yet found a harness she didn’t escape from but I’m still looking because we’ll be living the van life on the road real soon. She’s not a fan of the car (yet) but we’re working on it and prefers to sleep on my lap as opposed to her carrier in the car. She’s a smart girl and extremely observant. I love Jade to pieces!

Intelligent and affectionate - Anita,

I have rehomed two so far, a male quite advanced in years and a much younger female. They are like chalk and cheese. These cats can vary greatly in how vocal they are, how much lap time they want (if at all) and how much they play. What you will get is a very intelligent and affectionate family member with a strong personality - the nickname "the dog of the cat world" certainly holds true. They like company and this should be taken into account if you are working.